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Huh? Ann Coulter Lives in a Bubble

Ann Coulter must be living in a bubble. Election coverage must have somehow escaped her.


Ever eager to sell Trump as the only viable GOP candidate, Coulter claimed, in this week’s column (emphasis added), “What’s impossible is for any Republican candidate, other than Trump, to win a single state Romney lost.”

Actually, many of those Romney defeats were turned into non-Trump victories in primaries and caucuses already held!

Rubio won in Minnesota and Washington, DC.

Kasich won in his home state of Ohio.

Cruz won in Iowa and Maine, and it looks like he is headed for a resounding victory in Wisconsin next Tuesday.

Non-Trump GOP candidates have, thus far, won five states (soon to be six) that Romney lost in 2012.

Last August, Coulter moaned, “I just want a Republican who can do math.”

How about one who can keep up with the news?