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Ann Coulter: Black Women Belong at the Back of the Bus

Ann Coulter is the anti-Rosa Parks!

Recently, Coulter dismissed (no, denied) Kizzmekia Corbett’s contribution to the development of Moderna’s COVID vaccine. Coulter was outraged that the “lead NIH coronavirus researcher” would get any credit for the vaccine that she helped develop.

This is typical Ann Coulter, whose views on race are abhorrent![1]

Regarding Halle Berry’s Oscar win, Coulter wrote:

Coulter claimed that Halle Berry won her Oscar by being white enough, writing: “Large-breasted, slightly cocoa women with idealized Caucasian features finally have a chance in Hollywood. They will, however, still be required to display their large breasts for the camera and to discuss their large breasts at some length with reporters.”[2]

How denigrating!

But this fits into Coulter’s WASP,[3] Alt-Right[4] worldview. Here’s another Coulter gem: Only Westerners (especially WASPs) create and invent things:

“Democrats don’t want all immigrants. What they want is welfare recipient immigrants, which is why they’ve rigged the rules. … It’s extremely difficult to come in if you’re coming from a Western European country. However, if you are from a Third World country, ‘Welcome.’ If your genetic ancestors did not invent the wheel, ‘Oh, well, let them come in.’ But they’re the natural Democratic voters.”[5]

Unlike fine wine, Coulter’s decades-long racist views have not improved with age.

Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged examines the origins and exhibition of Coulter’s racist, WASP, Alt-Right worldview.


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Ann Coulter’s “Racism Credit”

Environmentalists have adopted a “carbon credit” to justify those who are creating a larger carbon footprint. So, too, Coulter employs a “racism credit” to inoculate herself and her colleagues against charges of racism.

We see this so clearly in her defense of Donald Trump’s disparaging words against Mexicans, words which Coulter herself agreed with and found pleasurable to hear.[1]


Before getting into the crux of my critique, let me reiterate my praise for an earlier book by Coulter[2]Mugged. It was exemplary, with a few exceptions, most notably her contention then (as it is now) that civil rights are only for blacks and not for all citizens. (The Bill of Rights contains civil rights for all citizens.)

Moreover, I have praised Coulter for her opposition to the racial grievance industry.[3] If only there was more consistency in her views and her expression of them.

Racism Credit for Trump

In his presidential announcement speech, Donald Trump disparaged virtually all Mexicans. (Coulter has done the same, vilifying Mexico’s “primitive rape culture.”)[4] But Coulter commended Trump and suggested (emphasis added),

“I think his next move should be that he should point out that he’s the only one who cares about black jobs. I mean have you seen the black unemployment rate? How dare liberals accuse him of racism? They don’t even have an argument. He’s the one trying to defend American jobs and particularly with the black youth unemployment rate. How about letting Americans take those jobs instead of the foreign born poor?”[5]

Yes, Coulter’s argument is that because Trump helps blacks, he cannot be a racist against browns.[6]

On Hannity, Coulter again attacked Trump’s critics, using the very same argument (emphasis added):

I’m so sick of this nonsense about Donald Trump being the racist here. He’s the one speaking for working-class Americans, for African-Americans. Have you seen the teenage black unemployment rate? Why shouldn’t they be getting those jobs? It’s Donald Trump that’s speaking up for them!”[7]

Yes, Coulter’s argument really is that because Trump helps blacks, he cannot be a racist against browns.

Blinded to Color-Obsession

Instead of being racially colorblind (as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned),[8] Coulter is blind to her own color-obsession. In a soliloquy on the Joyce Kaufman Show, Coulter spoke of the many colors of the rainbow:

“The idea of some Hispanic unity, to say nothing of Black Hispanic unity, is a fantasy believed by white liberals and stupid Republicans. As I say in my book, anyone who knows any of the people they’re talking about – other than Lupe the maid – Dominicans and Puerto Ricans hate one another; Mexicans and blacks hate one another; everybody hates the Cubans. And all these Republicans think, ‘Oh, if we run Cuban Marco Rubio, it’ll be catnip for all the little brown brothers. No! You don’t know what you’re talking about![9]

About those brown brothers, Coulter contends there is no such thing as racism against them. She has defended both Trump and herself of charges of racism against Hispanics because Hispanics are not black. Such scintillating logic!

To one questioner, Coulter replied: “The answer is: you’re not black, so drop the racism crap.”[10]

No One Has Called Coulter a Racist

Coulter recently made an utterly ludicrous claim: “one thing I have never been called, ah, is, is, is, is a racist. Um, anyone, anyone who reads my book – or, or Mugged – will see, um, that that would be a very difficult case to make.”[11]

Ann knows better than that!

As she did with Trump, Coulter invokes previous work on behalf of blacks to insulate herself from charges of racism, this time against browns. (Defending herself, Coulter cites Mugged and, astonishingly, Adios, America!)

As for the accusations themselves …

In 2001, Coulter spoke at her alma mater, Cornell University, and was confronted with those very same accusations. According to David Horowitz, “Even before her arrival, campus Democrats had already sent out a flyer calling on students to protest Coulter’s talk, while another flyer from the more ardent left aggressively linked her with Adolf Hitler and David Duke.” Those accusations of racism were neither the first nor the last levied against Coulter.

A 2002 article, “The Racist Rhetoric of Ann Coulter,” pretty much spelled out the case against Coulter. It correctly reported that Coulter spoke disparagingly of Indians as “savages,” suggested juvenile delinquents in the hood should be flogged, and promoted the superiority of the white man.

Coulter also contended that Halle Berry won her Oscar by being white enough, writing: “Large-breasted, slightly cocoa women with idealized Caucasian features finally have a chance in Hollywood.”[12]

Chapters in two 2012 books also highlighted Coulter’s racist tendencies: The Gospel According to Ann Coulter[13] and Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory.[14]

Last year, Coulter was embroiled in numerous controversies of her own making. One revolved around her nativist denunciation of foreigners vis-à-vis soccer.[15] Another centered on her defamation of Christian missionaries.[16] Both incorporated racist views which Coulter again reaffirmed just this year.

Since Adios, America! was released, several relevant columns have been published in opposition to the overt and foundational racism contained in her work and expressed throughout her book tour: 1) “Adios, Ann: Coulter’s Blood Politics,” 2) “Adios, Ann: Coulter’s Racial Confusion,” and 3) “Adios, Ann: Diversity = White.”

If calling Coulter a racist is “a very difficult case to make,” perhaps we should attempt something a little easier, like proving Coulter is a person of integrity and veracity. Any takers?


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