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@AnnCoulter Ends 2019 with Putrid Polemic

Although Ann Coulter wrote some powerful and praiseworthy columns in 2019, she ended the year publishing a putrid polemic, thus exposing her dark heart.

It was ugly!

While denouncing the evils of Hollywood’s portrayal of America, Coulter’s column was, in large measure – evil.

Much of what Coulter wrote about Hollywood scripts was accurate, but, she went out of her way to lambaste a particular person – Celine Robinson – vilifying both her ideology and her looks, and treating her as representative of all lesbians, Jews, and feminists.

What prompted this column by Coulter? Robinson had enraged Coulter with this tweet:

Coulter, creatively, in paragraph after paragraph, made it clear that in her eyes, this “half French, queer, Jewish feminist” is ugly and the antithesis of the “hot actors and actresses” who play the characters in her scripts. (Coulter was uncharitable, to say the least!)

Indeed, these hot actresses are “the molecular opposite of” Robinson and Robinson’s photo alone is proof that it is “Opposites Day” every day in Hollywood. (Coulter adroitly included a link to a tweet from 2016 which contained a photo of her nemesis and victim.)

Coulter used the phrase “queer, Jewish feminist” five times, notably dismissing as inconsequential the “half French” portion of Robinson’s personal self-identity. (I gather that Freedom Fries have long passed their expiration date.)

The bulk of the remainder of Coulter’s column was devoted to Third World sodomy and pedophilia, in graphic terms. She seemed to delight in being outrageous.

(Coulter is known for being somewhat tardy at speaking engagements and in posting her columns. On this occasion, she posted this column one day early, as if she couldn’t wait for others to see it.)

In the early weeks of 2020, Coulter continued with her attacks on the looks of those with whom she disagrees. Looksism is extremely important to her: She wants to be perceived as beautiful and hot while denigrating her foes as being not.

Here’s one example:

Here are a few responses:

Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged provides an in-depth, detailed analysis of Coulter’s worldview and character flaws which have led her to be so wrong in so many areas in which she regards herself as an expert.

Ann Coulter’s Open Secret

(Ssssh! Nobody is supposed to talk about it!)

(Please permit me to interrupt my essay series examining Coulter’s latest book to address breaking news from newly-released videos taken at the premiere screening of An Open Secret, a documentary about the sexual exploitation of children in the entertainment industry.)


Yesterday, Red Carpet Fly released two videos from this premiere, with footage filmed before and after the screening. Although Coulter’s segments take only a few minutes to view, they are well worth the time.

Pre-Screening Interview

Coulter answered a few questions prior to this documentary’s screening [Coulter begins at mark 4:45.]:

Asked why it was important for her to support a movie like this, Coulter replied, “Well, I’m just dying to see it. It’s not so much supporting it; I’m dying to see it. And one of the financiers behind it was refusing to tell us about it because he said, ‘Well, I don’t want to give away the spoiler. There’s another spoiler.’ So, I’m dying to see it. That’s why I’m here.”

Coulter deliberately disabused us of any notion that she might be supporting the cause entailed in the movie she was about to view. Indeed, her sole reason for attending – despite her rather rambling answer – was to experience the thrill of walking the red carpet accompanied by a handsome, (much) younger actor and the star of the film[1] to be premiered. (Coulter’s face was literally beaming.)

Asked why so many youth “fall prey to the casting couch scenario,” Coulter answered, “I remember a quote from Ronald Reagan, you know, when he was doing the GE tours, he would meet these nice, sweet, corn-fed gals and say to them, and they all said to him, ‘Ronald Reagan, how do I come to Hollywood and become an actress?’ and he remarks later, ‘I’d just shake my head and think they’re gonna go become whores.’”[2]

Ronald Reagan would never had spoken those words! (Ann, cite your source!)

The Gipper was a gentleman who treated even his foes with warmth and amity. As Jennifer Grossman observed in a special issue of BrotherWatch dedicated to Reagan, “Then I realized why Ronald Reagan was such an enduring and unique President, for here was a man who didn’t just love America, as some abstract ideal − he loved Americans. And they loved him back.”

With her words, Coulter appears to be blaming the victims of the casting couch, completely counter to the intent and purpose of the film.

Coulter is notorious for casting such aspersions. Just days after the burial of Princess Diana, Coulter called Diana a “round heel” and “the definition of ‘not a good mother.’”[3]

Coulter had similarly condemned recently-deceased Ambassador Pamela Harriman as a “round heel,” suggesting either Sharon Stone or Madonna as her replacement.”[4] Coulter even called Hillary a prostitute for marrying Clinton[5] and an unfit mother for staying married to Clinton.[6]

Coulter continued her answer at this red carpet event (was she looking in a mirror?): “And, I don’t know, especially with children, it’s almost like a Twilight Zone episode, where you can have, where you can have any wish in the world and what you want is fame and money and it ends up being the worst thing that ever happened to you.”

Coulter certainly has the fame and the money. What has it done for her? From her birth, Coulter has been groomed for greatness.[7] Everything Coulter does is geared toward that goal.[8] Hence her proclivity for deception and deceit.[9]

Jesus asked a very practical question in Matthew 16:26: “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

Post-Screening Soundbites

Following the screening, Coulter answered a few more questions [Coulter is the first featured interviewee]:

A seemingly deeply-moved Coulter seemingly empathized with the victims, saying, “I mean, these poor kids. Somebody needs to tell them, ‘It’s not your fault. You don’t need to take drugs and alcohol. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Maybe Coulter’s heart can be moved. Was this a fleeting, momentary aberration or is it representative of a more long-term transformation?

But then, in talking about Evan Henzi, the film’s star, Coulter – laughing throughout – gushed, “Also, at 18-years-old, he’s taping this molester and the tape recording – I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, this kid is good. We gotta get him working for the CIA.’”

I recall her laughing in similar fashion in early 1997, when she giggled over the details of the various sexual allegations Paula Jones made against President Clinton. Coulter couldn’t contain her merriment.

Coulter has rarely addressed child sex abuse (until recently, using it as a hook for her current book), but, in 1996, she has denounced it (as anyone should): “You don’t want those [sex offenses] to be repeated more than you don’t want robbery to be repeated, particularly against little children. … Sex offenders are almost invariably repeat offenders. It’s a sexual compulsion.”[10]

However, Coulter has always been reluctant to address the Catholic Church’s decades-long sexual abuse scandal, and she has actually defended the Catholic Church.[11] Moreover, Coulter has previously trivialized rape itself.[12]

Given that Coulter has hitherto shown scant interest in the topic of this documentary, her participation in this event appears to be more for self-glory and book promotion than for supporting a worthy cause.

Update: Just two hours after this column was published, Coulter released her weekly column, this time on child rape by illegal immigrants from primitive rape cultures.[13] In it, Coulter promoted her book, praised Trump, and failed to address the tragic child rape highlighted by the An Open Secret documentary whose red carpet she was blessed to walk upon.

Coulter’s own view of child rape is very nuanced. She only cares about those rapes committed by immigrants, not Americans. (Selling her book, her cause, and herself is all that matters.)

Coulter has admitted that she deliberately selected the worst possible stories (the most emotional intense and graphic) for her book because they were juicier, more sensational.

Let me be clear: Coulter’s goal is not to end rape but to end immigration. (Rapists will, of course, continue to rape in their countries of origin.) Coulter’s cause is not abuse itself, but immigration. (International Justice Mission is a great “global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world.)


[1]               Was Coulter a guest of Evan Henzi, or did they just pose together? They were certainly friendly at the after-party.

[2]               In analyzing Coulter’s remarks, we must not neglect her decades-long hatred of Hollywood and her denigration of actors and actresses as stupid and hypocritical narcissists.

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