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Media Advisory: New book released – #NeverTrump: Coulter’s Alt-Right Utopia

#NeverTrump: Coulter’s Alt-Right Utopia explains what Donald Trump’s “New American Revolution” portends and why we should oppose it.


The Alt-Right is a central feature of the Trump movement. The Alt-Right worldview permeates every aspect of the Trump phenomenon, its self-identity, its view of America and the world, and its view of individuals and liberty itself.

Ann Coulter is the high priestess of the Alt-Right and Trump’s consigliere, propagandist, muse, and wannabee consort. (Coulter offers herself up as the model, the quintessential American.)

The Alt-Right has transformed patriotism into an isolationistic nationalism which eschews both foreigners (outside) and immigrants (inside) alike. It redefines the very terms “American” and “citizenship.”

The Alt-Right is the mirror image of leftist social justice warriors.

The New Trump Party also borrows much from the antebellum Know-Nothing Party: anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, nativist, and isolationist.

#NeverTrump: Coulter’s Alt-Right Utopia is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M9JQU7Q/.

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Ann Coulter = David Duke — In Denial

In an Esquire profile, David Duke, notorious former Klansman and white supremacist, claimed a strong affinity with Ann Coulter, high priestess of the Alt-Right.


David Duke said, “Ann Coulter is so savaged by the media, I guess she’s gotta feel like, ‘Well, at least I’m not David Duke!’ But if you really look at what she says, if you read her books, it’s very close to what I’ve been saying.”

Why did Duke call out Coulter? He responded to Coulter’s claim on Real Time (1014/16): “I don’t even think David Duke exists. He appears every four years so that you can use him as a boogeyman.”

Coulter also facetiously claimed, “For all we know, Duke died 20 years ago and the media are using a body double.”

On the very day Duke expressed being ideologically simpatico with Coulter, she again denied Duke’s very existence, writing, “No one even knows if Duke actually exists or is just a phantom produced by the media every four years to smear Republicans.”

There are actually two David Dukes. One was a former Grand Wizard and the other dresses in a miniskirt as she ministers to the Alt-Right.

[A new book, #NeverTrump: Coulter’s Alt-Right Utopia, examines the origins, worldview, and impact of the Alt-Right movement. It is now available on Amazon at http://amzn.to/2fzA9Mr.]

Trump, Coulter, and the KKK

Ann Coulter defended “conservative” racism in her column yesterday. Her main argument seems to be that the Left does it too, and, besides, theirs is worse!

Trump Coulter KKK

Should Donald Trump denounce David Duke, the KKK, and white supremacists? Of course! But not in Ann’s world. Coulter just dismisses them as irrelevant in the 21st century.

Since Trump entered this presidential race, white supremacists have come out of the woodwork to support him and praise his message. They agree with the racial aspects of his platform. And this isn’t news? (Even Louis Farrakhan praises Trump!)

The very same thing happened when Coulter published her latest book, Adios, America! During her book tour, Coulter championed an identity politics given the David Duke seal of approval.[1]

Why do white supremacists praise both Trump and Coulter? Because these white supremacists agree with their racial politics and agenda!

Why do white supremacists agree with Ann Coulter’s book? Because a white supremacist wrote it!

Coulter wants protection against charges of racism by decrying those charges[2] even as she pursues a racist agenda[3] built on a racist paradigm.[4] Let’s not forget about the anti-Semitic component[5] of Coulter’s WASP worldview.

Yes! Every conservative and every Christian should denounce David Duke, the KKK, and white supremacists!

Why won’t Coulter?


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