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Ignorant Ideologue

Only a willfully ignorant ideologue could concoct such an utterly meaningless factoid.

What did Ann Coulter say this time? Just a few weeks ago, Coulter claimed:

Ignorant Ideologue

“From 1924 to 1965, the United States of America virtually stopped all immigration – the most prosperous period in American history. That’s when we developed into a country with this massive, wealthy middle class.”[1]

Here, Coulter merges multiple, disparate periods of American history together – the prosperity of the Roaring Twenties, the decade-long and aptly-named Great Depression, World War II, and the post-war, pre-Great Society years – as if they formed a stable and cohesive baseline for her economic analysis of the implications of immigration in America.

Coulter treats immigration as if it were the only variable in the equation. How did an immigration moratorium lead to both depression and expansion, both world war and post-war peace?

How can all those periods be merged into “the most prosperous period in American history?” Tell that to those who experienced rationing during World War II or the worldwide impact of the Great Depression. Where was this “massive, wealthy middle class” in the 1930s?

Did the Immigration Act of 1965 end American prosperity? Or did Lyndon Johnson’s massive war on poverty initiate that economic decline? How did the Vietnam War, anti-war protests, race riots, and the countercultural revolution impact America’s economy? For Coulter, immigration is the only variable that matters.

Coulter made a similar claim in September:

“For example, in the twenties, 1924, basically a total moratorium for the next 40 years. It was the most prosperous period of American history.”[2]

Coulter is so intent upon crushing immigration that Coulter makes things us. Again, where is the economic continuity from the Roaring Twenties and Great Depression through World War II and the Cold War? Foolish nonsense!

Still, she repeats her fabricated factoid ad infinitum. Speaking to a Canadian audience, Coulter again asserted:

“We cut off immigration and had the most prosperous period of American history, from 1924 until Teddy Kennedy’s immigration act of 1965. Immigration was basically shut down and this country’s economy, welfare – everything – went through the roof.”[3]

Rather than recognize her foolishness and do the wise thing – stop talking! – Coulter repeats her blather on show after show after show. The fool proves her own folly.[4] As Mark Twain famously observed, “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Only a willfully ignorant ideologue could concoct such an utterly meaningless factoid.

Update: Michael Novak recently highlighted what Ann Coulter dismisses: the unparalleled prosperity brought about by the leadership of Ronald Reagan. Novak wrote:

“Following the economic ‘malaise’ bemoaned by President Carter, President Reagan changed the country’s direction dramatically. He ended the oil shortage, brought interest rates down by two-thirds, spurred the creation of 16 million new jobs, and put a higher proportion of American adults to work than ever before in history. Under Reagan, the American economy added to its wealth the equivalent of the whole economy of West Germany. This American boon lasted another 20 years after Reagan, through Democratic and Republican administrations. Reagan pointed out that government bureaucrats do not put more citizens to work; millions of new business startups do. He gave priority to sparking business startups.”


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