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Mocking Spastic Retards is OK

Ann Coulter just made a fool of herself.[1] Again.[2]

Mocking Spastic Retards is OK

This time Coulter defended Donald Trump’s mocking of a disabled journalist, using four rather obtuse and irrational arguments: 1) that Trump was doing “full-on spastic retard” (which is perfectly acceptable in her eyes) and not mocking a “journalist with disabilities,” 2) that the disabled journalist deserved to be mocked, 3) what we plainly see on video is not really what we see, and 4) we have been brainwashed into instantly believing everything bad the media says about Trump.

Coulter made these four arguments on the Opie & Jimmy Show (8/22/16).

Mocking Spastic Retards is OK

First, Coulter denied the proof that was literally before her eyes, claiming that Trump’s “spastic retard” performance “was not an exaggeration” of the reporter’s disability. She said, “[Trump] was doing full on retard. That’s not what this guy is. … He’s doing spastic retard.”

CqidSnsXgAA92Bp.jpg large

Yes, Coulter’s defense of Trump for mocking a disabled reporter is that he was really just mocking a generic retarded person. Moreover, Coulter insists[3] that calling people retarded and mocking them thusly is perfectly acceptable behavior.[4] Coulter is wont to use the R-word without hesitation.

The Disabled Journalist Deserved Being Mocked

But, Coulter conceded, if Trump were mocking a reporter for his disability, then the reporter deserved it. (Yes, blame the victim, not the victimizer.)

Coulter argued, “He’s not making fun of a guy’s disability but if he were, he deserves it.” Why did the disabled journalist “deserve” to be mocked with a “full-on spastic retard” routine? Because he lied about Trump.

Readers may recall that Coulter also sided with the victimizer and attacked the victim[5] in a well-reported case of physical assault by Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, on reporter Michelle Fields. Coulter went so far as to ridicule Fields by jokingly claiming that she (Coulter) had been gang-raped.[6]

Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes

Again, while watching he video of Trump’s actions – in slow motion and freeze-framed – Coulter preposterously repeated, “That hand is not bent.”

(Recall the absurdity and audacity of other propagandistic pronouncements: ISIS is on the run, America has never been safer, the border is secure. They demonstrate that propagandists like Coulter[7] have no shame.[8])

George Orwell accurately portrayed how propagandists operate.[9]

Don’t believe your lying eyes! Believe what I tell you that you are seeing! (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Those aren’t the droids you’re looking for.)

Brainwashed by the Media

Having failed to convince her hosts that Trump was not mocking the journalist and that they shouldn’t believe their own eyes, Coulter then blamed the co-hosts for disagreeing with her. (Remember, she first blamed the journalist and then the media and now the co-hosts – for being duped by the media. But, remember, Trump is innocent, innocent, innocent.)

Likening the mainstream media in America to Pravda, Coulter claimed that the American people have become so brainwashed that they immediately succumb to whatever the particular lie of the moment might be. Coulter asserted that the co-hosts had become so brainwashed by media bias that they were incapable of accurately interpreting the very clear video that they were viewing.

Coulter’s message: You can’t think for yourself. Let me tell you what you should believe.

But, since we can’t trust Coulter,[10] why should we trust Trump?

From her book:



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Effing Ann?

Christian evangelical Ann Coulter loves profanity. She uses it both privately and publicly. She has even been bleeped during on-air interviews.

Effing Ann

[Profanity alert!]

Coulter shouted “Fuck you” to a blogger covering one of her speeches. She told a reporter, “saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is like saying ‘Fuck you!’ I’ve said it to everyone.”


Immediately after one TV interview, Coulter erupted, “Fuck him! … Fuck Rush.”[1]

In yet another interview, Coulter exclaimed, “Can you imagine the Irish or Italians or Germans saying that to our country back at the turn of the century? ‘No! Fuck you! You came to our country. Learn our ways!’”[2]

Euphemisms figure prominently in Coulter’s lexicon, substituting “effing” to characterize and demonize  individuals and entire groups of people.

One too many anti-Semitic tweets[3] prompted her banishment from Fox News[4] and other conservative outlets. Her attempts to rationalize her anti-Semitism failed miserably.[5] Coulter claimed “effing Jews” referred to quantity and not quality; that, in fact, it was sort of an endearment.

In 2016, Coulter reprised her anti-Semitic commentary,[6] prompting even friends to be ashamed for ever having known her.[7] The question – Is Ann Coulter anti-Semitic?[8] – must be answered, “Yes.”

But Coulter is an Equal Opportunity Offender,[9] going out of her way to be offensive. She blithely employs her “effing” endearment to others, including Arabs. Contradicting her cultivated sense of refinement, Coulter argues, “I promise you out-of-work steel workers could not give two f***s.”

Coulter prides herself on her Buckleyesque language skills. Vulgarity diminishes, rather than enhances, her message. It also offers up a window into her heart.


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Coulter, Simply Offensive

Polemicist Ann Coulter delights in being offensive, while claiming her words and jokes are inoffensive.

Yes, Coulter is confused.[1] Just as when she reiterated her nonsensical claim,[2]I’m not a Libertarian, though I’m more libertarian than most libertarians.”[3] Or when she insists,[4] “[Romney] was better than Ronald Reagan.” Coulter persists[5] in these[6] fantasies.[7]

But on to her offensive remarks!


Coulter has gone on the offensive, accusing liberals and conservatives alike of being stupid (or some variation thereof). Her jokes have become worldly and her elimination rhetoric are expressions of her enmity for the Left.


Coulter tweeted, “Only offensive word is ‘offensive.’” And regrets not “using ‘raghead’ enough.”

Ann, “raghead” thwarts productive dialogue and does not actually identify the enemy – Islamic jihadists – who actually wear a variety of clothing.

(Coulter has long been an advocate of racial profiling to combat religious extremists.)[8]

In a tweet, Coulter defended using “retarded:”

“Only offensive word is ‘offensive.’ RT@carlabercrombie @AnnCoulter: ‘…looks hilariously retarded…’ Stop that word!!!!!! It’s offensive.”

Idiot Conservatives

After Romney announced he would not run for President, Coulter said that “sane Americans” favor Romney and that those opposed to him have a “suicidal tendency” and do not “actually care about the country.”[9]

She called Gov. Perry a “moron,” and lambasted “Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, all the alleged conservatives” as “idiot conservatives.”

In a diatribe against the Right,[10] Coulter alluded to the Bush dynasty as “imbeciles,” claimed “Jeb Bush, is catnip to the stupidest influence-seekers,” and asserted “most half-wits masquerading as conservative spokesmen on TV simply repeated whatever Sarah Palin said.”

Idiot Liberals

Speaking at the Stevens Institute of Technology, Coulter castigated the Left.[11] Repeating a talking point from previous speeches, Coulter said, “Mollusks can learn from what is in front of them. Clearly, Democrats cannot.”

On Fox News, Coulter elatedly bashed Hillary:

“I think Hillary’s just really dumb. … I think we know which one the dumb one was now. This is so massively stupid what she did. … It’s so stupid … something that is so stupid … I think she’s dumb … But the real problem is, she is dumb. … it’s just one stupid political move, sticking her foot in her mouth, creating these huge problems.”[12]

Coulter never noticed the irony in her last statement, that she herself so often sticks both feet in her own mouth, “creating these huge problems” for herself.[13]


In a series of tweets which she undoubtedly considered witty, Coulter exposed the foolishness of her heart.

In just five back-to-back tweets, Coulter called Hillary “corrupt,” “venal,” “stupid,” “DUMB,” “corrupt,” and “D-U-M-M” (misspelling in the original). Sniping at Bill, Coulter tweeted, “Hillary told Bill they needed a private server & all the thought was ‘blonde or brunette?’”

Displaying tastelessness, Coulter tweeted, “Hillary puts emails on private server AS SECY OF STATE. Bill turns ‘em over & they’re all @ penis extensions and Viagra. See the difference?”

Kill All of Them

Not content to assassinate the character of political leaders from the Clintons to Sarah Palin, Coulter expressed actual death wishes toward whole groups of people.

“All we’ll have to do is organize the death panels for the people who destroyed America, and map out whose graves will be desecrated.”[14]

“I would totally take the Chinese approach and kill them [liberals] all, so I don’t discard all of the Communists’ ideas.”[15]

“So next time I say, liberal use of nukes, daisy cutters, drones.”[16]

“I am now a pacifist in favor of the liberal use of nukes.”[17]

Coulter wants to be taken seriously. Indeed, she wants to pick the next president and determine the future of America.[18]

“My thought is that everyone should just listen to me.”[19]



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