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GOP Base is Fringe

Coulter recently gave a stunning description of the GOP base. She claims it is a “teeny, tiny base” composed of religious zealots and extremist pro-lifers!


Coulter defended charges that Trump is “not a real Republican” by saying (emphasis added), “I don’t want someone appealing just to the base. Somebody appealing just to the base is, you know, handling tongues and having raptures on stage and is saying, like Marco Rubio, correcting Megyn Kelly, that, ‘No, I don’t support abortion in the case of rape and incest.’ Oh, good grief. Did he not remember – did he not live through Todd Akin? No, that’s sucking up to a teeny, tiny base.”

Yes, Coulter’s gunsights are aimed at Christian conservatives and pro-lifers – whom she claims represent “a teeny, tiny base.” Alert readers will gather that Ted Cruz is the specific object of her wrath. (Cruz, of course, is solidly pro-life and unabashedly Christian.)

Beginning with the 2000 presidential election cycle, Coulter has actively opposed pro-lifers for what she regards as politically pragmatic purposes. Nevertheless, Coulter told a Politicon audience, “I’m an evangelical pro-lifer. I don’t need my president speaking in tongues.” Yes, she again blended the pro-life movement with evangelical Christians. (Coulter even claims to be an “evangelical pro-lifer,” even though evidence for her being either a Christian or a pro-lifer is scant.)

Using her recurring ugly stereotype on the Nowman Show (6/25/16), Coulter argued, “[Trump] doesn’t have religious ecstasies on stage. He doesn’t speak in tongues.” Coulter will say anything to destroy Cruz.

Sadly, time after time, Coulter attacks Christians for behaving as Christians are supposed to behave – in a godly manner. Why? Political expediency? To justify her own ungodly behavior?

Coulter hated every GOP candidate but Trump – who isn’t even a Republican! Moreover, her mission was and remains to destroy the GOP. Coulter’s latest broadside against the GOP base is in keeping with her ultimate goal. She does, after all, want to form a New Trump Party.

Ann Coulter’s Upside Down World

Erstwhile ultra-conservative Ann Coulter now worships faux conservative Donald Trump as her Savior and claims genuine conservatives are traitors. (It used to be she called liberals traitors; now it’s conservatives!)

Upside Down World

An avowed pro-lifer, Coulter has berated and defamed pro-lifers for nearly two decades.

A fierce opponent of Obamacare, now Coulter is ready to embrace Trumpcare.

Once an advocate for federalism and limited government, Coulter now shills for a statist who would wield his own pen and a phone.

A self-proclaimed constitutional attorney, Coulter defames the only constitutionalist running for president while championing the only “Republican” running against the Constitution.

A virulent anti-immigration, anti-amnesty activist, Coulter defends Trump who did and does support amnesty. This is Coulter’s signature issue – her obsession – and she backs someone who unquestionably supports amnesty while she continually thinks he doesn’t.

Coulter is lost in her own little world into which she won’t allow reality to enter.

Who is really surprised? Coulter has been supporting RINOs and spouting propaganda for years. Now she has gone incredibly far over the edge, losing more and more credibility.

Will the real Ann Coulter please stand up!

The Real Talking Head Twit of the Year

This week’s Coulter column, titled “Talking Head Twit of the Year Contest,” begs for the nomination of its writer as the winner.

Calling the GOP pundit class “clueless morons,” Coulter invites justifiable reciprocation.

Talking Head Twit

Coulter limited her critique of her peers to prognostications on Trump’s presidential campaign,[1] her singular obsession[2] this election cycle.

Ann Coulter Gems

Here are a few Coulter gems from the past year.

Absurdly, Coulter insists that the Great Depression “was the most prosperous period in American history.”[3]

Coulter has repeatedly denied (again,[4] and again,[5] and again,[6] and again,[7] and again,[8] and again,[9] and again[10]) the threat that ISIS poses to Americans in America.

Coulter’s infamous rant against Jews[11] cost her both speaking engagements and television appearances.[12] Her phony excuses[13] failed to convince others.

Coulter repeatedly attacks Catholics[14] for being Catholic.

Coulter repeatedly attacks Christians for being Christians. To Coulter, Christian missionaries are fake Christians.[15] She even attacks Christians for being godly![16] Coulter advocates for ignoring the ongoing Christian genocide[17] taking place in the Middle East.

Coulter repeatedly attacks[18] pro-lifers[19] for championing life.[20]

Coulter became a birther[21] to lie about Cruz’s eligibility for president.[22]

Coulter relishes calling other people bimbos, while inviting similar criticism.[23]

Coulter claimed that Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina[24] were popular candidates only because he is black and she is a woman. Tokens to political correctness.

Coulter’s Irrelevancy

In her column, Coulter lamented that GOP pundits “can … be so consistently wrong and never lose work.” Why does Coulter still have a job?

Of those pundits, Coulter asked, “why should we listen to you next time?” Why should we listen to Coulter?

Fortunately, a growing number of conservatives are beginning to see Coulter for who she really is.[25] Hence her growing irrelevancy.[26]

Ann Coulter announced a Talking Head Twit of the Year Contest and – surprise! – she won!


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Ann Coulter Still Blind to Abortion

Last Friday, Ann Coulter launched yet another tirade against conservatives for being pro-life. In other breaking news, Coulter claims to be totally pro-life herself.

How obtuse can one get? I have lauded Coulter’s intelligence and craftsmanship in the past, but her hubris has blinded her to reality.


Phony Conservative Bad-Asses

As a guest host for the Peter Tilden Show,[1] Coulter passionately attacked conservatives for pursuing a pro-life agenda. Coulter began her rant ridiculing those who seek to defend the lives of the unborn by saying, “I am getting very, very bored with [conservatives] being bad asses on abortion.”

The implication in her choice of words (“bad asses”) suggests, as she has often done in the past,[2] that present-day politicians currently in office who are pursuing a pro-life agenda are engaging in political posturing. Yes, she is impugning the motives of those she condemns.[3]

This is classic Coulter, who denigrates all those who disagree with her. During the 2012 election cycle, Coulter besmirched all those who opposed her hero, Mitt Romney.[4] Now, she belittles all those who endanger [5]a Donald Trump candidacy.[6] To do so, Coulter frequently attacks their motives and character.

We’ve Won

Continuing to berate pro-life conservatives, Coulter made another demonstrably false claim, “We’ve won that, Republicans.”

No, Ann, we haven’t.

Victory would mean that abortion has been eradicated. Remember, Coulter is attacking conservative politicians (and presidential candidates) who are fighting for the unborn. Coulter is chastising them for seeking to defund Planned Parenthood. Coulter is lambasting them for doing what they are supposed to do: represent their pro-life constituency.

The pro-life cause has been given new life – on a national stage – due to the heroic efforts of the Center for Medical Progress, which, through a series of investigative videos, has exposed the truly evil nature of the “medical procedures” being performed by Planned Parenthood.

For perhaps the first time in our nation’s history, We, the People of the United States, have before our eyes the graphic evidence of a baby holocaust in America.

And Coulter would have pro-lifers do nothing!

No! Pro-lifers are seizing the moment to seize the victory which Coulter contends we have already won.

Pro-Life in Name Only

Coulter went on to explain what she meant by victory:

“Since the hero of 9/11, Rudy Giuliani, ran for president as a Republican and didn’t get out of the starting because he was pro-choice, the one thing – I promise you – any Republican candidate is going to be is pro-life. You’re not proving to me that you’re a cool guy now by being pro-life. No, that was cool when Ronald Reagan ran, which was, what, three decades ago?”

Victory, in Coulter’s view, is to have Republicans who profess to be pro-life. But the moment they start to put into practice their pro-life principles, she condemns them.

Few people regard Coulter as a principled conservative because, over the years, she has proven herself to be without scruples. Principles come and go, but Coulter’s career must continue.[7]

During the last election cycle, Coulter attacked the Tea Party[8] for seeking “ideological purity” and she urged voters to vote for anyone running as a Republican. After the election, Coulter discovered that RINOs will be RINOs.[9]

Still, Coulter acts as if only she is principled.[10]

On Peter Tilden Show, an incensed Coulter stammered, “these Republicans who want to prove what hairy-chested conservatives they are by endlessly talking about immigration [she meant abortion]. No, we have won that, Republicans. We have won it within the Republican Party and that’s all we’re gonna be able to win it in until Roe v. Wade is overturned.”

Astonishing! Coulter wants to wait till Roe v. Wade is overturned. But who will overturn it? The pro-lifers she is now condemning! Coulter practically screams: “They are cowards. They’re unimaginative. They’re not very smart.”

New Litmus Test

Being pro-life is so passé now that Coulter has created a new litmus test for conservatives:

“Now, today‘s litmus test – today, how you separate the mice from the men – is the question of immigration.” To be clear, Coulter repeats: “They have no imagination. That is not the litmus test now. The litmus test is immigration.”

But if simply espousing pro-life principles without acting on them is sufficient for Coulter, then what can we expect from politicians espousing the current set of principles Coulter advises? And why have litmus tests at all if we expect them to be ignored?

Coulter continued her rant, claiming, “I’m pro-life. Donald Trump is pro-life. But let me tell you pro-lifers, you’re never gonna get rid of abortion unless our current immigration policy is changed. … So don’t even pretend you care about abortion, unless you care about immigration first.”

This is nonsense! As she has done since at least the 2000 election cycle, Coulter subordinates pro-life concerns to virtually everything else. She is a pro-life procrastinator, putting off till some perfect moment in time in the future what she should be doing today.

The concept of fighting on more than one front at a time seems foreign to her. Somehow, the Allies in World War II managed to defeat enemies in both Europe/North Africa and the Pacific. Courage is required (the courage Coulter lacks) to combat abortion and immigration at the same time. This is the moment to which we have been called – and Coulter vilifies those who are answering that call.

Speaking of illegal immigration, Coulter once joked, “The motto should be: There are way too many, and there shouldn’t be any. It even rhymes.”[11] Coulter has repeatedly said that even just one crime committed by one illegal alien is one too many.

If only Coulter would apply her immigration motto to abortion: “There are way too many, and there shouldn’t be any.” But, for Coulter, the unborn will have to fend for themselves.

The 2,000 babies aborted every day will have to make do until Coulter’s immigration agenda is put into place. Anyone (in or outside the womb) who poses a threat to her new hero, the Donald,[12] must be dispensed with, regardless of principle – or life.


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Are Coulter’s ‘Facts’ Right?

Ann Coulter has been sacked by the Truth[1] more often than RG3 has been sacked by the Detroit Lions.

Coulter often does speak truth, but she all too often tells lies. Discerning between truth and lies can be problematic with Coulter. During her latest book tour, Coulter has told countless lies. Small lies. Big lies. Smug lies. Hurtful lies. Shameful lies.


One tactic Coulter uses to present her propaganda[2] (to promote herself and her agenda) is that of speaking with conviction. She will forcefully and vehemently lie with the expectation that her seeming conviction will convince others of her falsehoods.[3]

Coulter v. Colmes

Before highlighting some of the many falsehoods from Coulter’s current book tour (so many lies, so little time), it would be instructive to consider an exchange with Alan Colmes:[4]

Coulter: “The truth about immigration is always the same; the lies are always different. I look at the studies. You know, you have to read down and figure out, where’s the lie here? Where’s the lie there? They lie in all different kinds of ways.”

Colmes: “So whenever I present data you don’t like, you just say it’s a lie.”

Coulter: “Exactly!

Colmes: “So every study is wrong except the ones you quote?”

Coulter: “Look! I show the data. You can look at it yourself.”

Whenever Coulter is confronted with facts she cannot refute, she will dismiss them or deny their veracity.

Coulter’s False “Facts” on Her Book Tour

Here are just a few of Coulter’s many prevarications:

[The hyperlinked headings provide the truth about her fraudulent claims.]

ISIS poses no threat to the American homeland.[5] “I don’t even care about ISIS! … ISIS is not at our doorstep.”[6] And, “I have a little tip. If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria.”[7]

ISIS: 0.[8] Dismissing the terrorist threat in America, Coulter concluded a column: “Now go back to worrying about ISIS.”[9]

America has taken in 25% of Mexico.[10] “America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico’s entire population.”[11] And, “We’ve taken one quarter of Mexico’s population.”[12]

Civil rights[13] are only for blacks.[14] “The only time you should be able to sue for discrimination is if you are an African-American. That’s it! That’s it! I don’t want to hear about anybody else. You can hire whomever you want to. You can fire whomever you want to. … Civil rights are for blacks.”[15]

Diversity is white.[16] Ann Coulter’s America is exceedingly small and insular. Coulter crows, “It used to be more diverse, admittedly from white, Western European countries, mostly. But I consider, you know, the Scotch, the Irish, the English – I think that’s enough diversity. That really mixes it up for me.”[17]

America will be a WASP nation again.[18] Coulter explained (emphasis added): “It’s a monochromatic WASP country that other ethnicities have come to and for the first 400 years of its existence, (as a colony and then as a country) the ‘wildly diverse’ immigrants were other white western Europeans. That was the extent of the diversity.”[19]

And, “Send me a million people who want to come to America, and I will decide them all before breakfast. I can pretty much decide on looks; it would save a lot of money.”[20]

Coulter has never been accused of racism.[21] “One thing I have never been called, ah, is, is, is, is a racist. Um, anyone, anyone who reads my book – or, or Mugged – will see, um, that that would be a very difficult case to make.”[22]

All immigrants are bad.[23] “My only quibble with [Trump] is that, No. 1, it’s legal immigrants, too. And, No. 2, there are no good ones.”[24]

Pro-lifers are putzes[25] and sissies.[26] “Exactly. So sick of the anti-abortion machismo from right wing sissies.”[27]

And, “… their big thing is to keep talking about this abortion thing. Well, that’s great if it were 1977. I’d think you’re really brave and you’re doing a great thing. But I kind of think you’re just a putz imitating what was good forty years ago at this point.”[28]

Mitt Romney was better than Reagan.[29] “[Romney] did better than Reagan did. I think that’s pretty good.”[30] And “The best we ever had was Mitt Romney.”[31]

Donald Trump could win as a third-party candidate.[32] “[A third party candidacy] would be fantastic! Go, Trump, Go!”[33] And “I think he could be not only a nominee who could win but a third party candidate who could win.”

Hillary Clinton will be Democrat nominee.[34] “I promise you Jeb or Rubio are going to lead to a Hillary presidency.”[35] And, “You have to vote for Hillary over those two[36] [Bush and Rubio].”[37]

Nikki Haley is an ignorant immigrant:[38] “Well, I’m a student of American history. On the other hand, [Nikki Haley] is an immigrant and does not understand America’s history.”[39]

Ted Cruz is ineligible to be President:[40] “Ted Cruz gave a good answer on immigration. Too bad he’s not a natural born citizen!”[41]

Carly Fiorina is just a woman who can talk:[42] “I’ve turned against [Carly Fiorina] as of yesterday with the hot, hot hate of a thousand suns. … At first, I admit I was suspicious because I hate this, ‘Oh, a woman can talk, oh, isn’t that’s great?’”[43]

Ann Coulter is better that Donald Trump.[44] “Trump’s a piker compared to moi.”[45]

Coulter is Not Conservatism’s Best

Delusions of grandeur aside, Coulter cannot be trusted because she thinks too highly of herself and she regards her lies as superior to the truth that we all need to make informed decisions.

RG3 boasted: “I feel like I’m the best quarterback in the league, and I have to go out and show that … There’s guys in this league that have done way more than me. But I still view myself as the best because that’s what I work toward every single day.”

Throughout her book tour,[46] Coulter has boasted about her superiority,[47] praising herself[48] and her book.[49]

Coulter is sacked by truth on a weekly, if not almost daily, basis. Until Coulter speaks the truth and sticks with the truth, Conservatives should not stick with Coulter.[50]


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Coulter Gaga?

Many laugh off Coulter’s tweets as jokes while others contend she has (again!) jumped the shark.

Those who defend Coulter’s antics as humor neglect this reality: when Coulter jokes, she means it.

Coulter means everything she says!


Pro-Life Never Convenient for Coulter

When Coulter tweets,

“I don’t care if @realDonaldTrump wants to perform abortions in White House after this immigration policy paper. http://bit.ly/1EvT3Ja ,”

she means it. Coulter literally does not care whether Trump performs abortions in the White House as long as he’s in the White House. Victory is all that matters to Coulter.

Victory! Even at the expense of the unborn.[1] (She will always postpone the pro-life cause[2] as a cause to fight for in the future. When it’s more convenient to fight the battle.)

Many conservatives took Coulter to task for this particular tweet (emphasis added):

Although Coulter claims to be pro-life, she is manifestly not.

Romney Trump Better Than Reagan

Coulter once championed Mitt Romney as her political savior,[3] heralding him as better than Ronald Reagan. That is, until Donald Trump appeared on his white horse. Now, her hero worship has shifted to the Donald.

Coulter tweeted, “IT’S MORNING IN AMERICA, AGAIN! @realDonaldTrump‘s Immigration policy paper – http://bit.ly/1EvT3Ja.”

Did I miss something? When was Trump elected? Has he actually done anything yet?

Trumps even beats Romney! Coulter tweeted, “We haven’t seen anything like this since Dwight Eisenhower’s ‘Operation Wetback.’ Even @MittRomney wasn’t this pro-American on immigration.”

Romney Trump Better Than Founding Fathers

Trump bests Reagan and Romney in Ann’s heart, and he also beats the Founding Fathers. Coulter tweeted, “The greatest political document since the Magna Carta – http://bit.ly/1EvT3Ja .”

What about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights? All those are distinctly American political documents and they have all served us well for centuries. One could call the Gettysburg Address and Lincoln’s Second Inaugural political documents deserving of respect. (But not to Coulter.)

Trump = Coulter

From the onset of Trump’s candidacy Coulter has praised him as if she were praising herself. (She is!)

Coulter insisted, “I’ve detailed everything he’s saying. He gives the campaign speeches on it. My book is the footnotes.”[4] Perhaps looking in the mirror, Coulter exclaimed, “Donald Trump, I love him because he does talk a little like me, which is to say, blunt.”[5]

Outdoing herself, Coulter tweeted, “Trump’s a piker compared to moi.”


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Coulter’s Assault on Pro-Life Movement Continues

Coulter retweeted Jim Norton’s tweet: “The morons are easy to find. They write multiple tweets questioning the motives of a comedian.”[1]


Coulter has herself written multiple tweets questioning the motives – and character – of Republicans opposed to abortion. Coulter calls them “pathetic,” “weak-kneed” “sissies” and “pussies” trying “to prove their toughness by being pro-life.”

Is Ann Coulter a moron?

(Moreover, Coulter argues that the war against abortion is over! Over? When did that happen? Tell that to the 2,000 babies aborted every day in America!)

In her zeal to oppose immigration (legal and illegal) as the defining issue for this election, Coulter abandons the pro-life movement with equal fervency.[2] (But, then again, she has attacked pro-lifers for nearly two decades for her own political purposes, so why should we expect an impenitent Ann Coulter to change now?)

Ann Coulter’s (Recent) Tweets Attacking Pro-Lifers
RT @FrankJ1232: @AnnCoulter Exactly. So sick of the anti-abortion machismo from right wing sissies. – 10:40 AM – 12 Aug 2015
Absolutely, positively no GOP candidate 4 POTUS will ever be for abortion. Why do pathetic GOPs try to prove toughness by being pro-life? – 11:01 PM – 11 Aug 2015
GOP hard-asses on abortion (but not immigration) are like the Dems coming around on Civil Rts AFTER THE WAR WAS OVER. #ItsImmigrationStupid – 10:57 PM – 11 Aug 2015
We won the abortion fight (in the GOP) 30 years ago! Weak-kneed GOPs can talk about nothing else. Where were you during the fighting? – 10:56 PM – 11 Aug 2015
I love GOPs who are hard-asses on abortion, but pussies on immigration. IMMIGRATION IS THE NEW LITMUS TEST. – 10:55 PM – 11 Aug 2015

Update: Coulter’s latest presidential messiah – Donald Trump[3] – is wishy-washy on abortion, just like previous candidates Coulter has promoted (from Christie to Romney). Coulter is ever willing and even eager to subordinate moral imperatives for political expediency or to personal advantage. In her world, politics supersedes morality and godliness.

Yet, Coulter defends Trump on abortion! “It isn’t a flip-flop on Planned Parenthood. He is not a politician, he is not familiar with all the deceptive ways Planned Parenthood will sneak through funding for abortion.”[4]

It would behoove Coulter to heed her own words: “When you go along with the in crowd and don’t speak out against liars, against promiscuity, against abortion, you are taking a step closer to the devil.”[5]

Update: Coulter demonstrated her unscrupulousness and willingness to betray any principle for the sake of political expediency, tweeting,  “I don’t care if @realDonaldTrump wants to perform abortions in White House after this immigration policy paper. http://t.co/l7nq8gN7i5.”[6]


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Coulter Disses Pro-Lifers – Again!

Coulter claims, “I am totally pro-life.”[1] But then, why does she always attack pro-lifers? What explains her 15-year opposition to the pro-life movement?

Did you know that pro-lifers are putzes? Ann Coulter says you are!


Referring to the current furor over Planned Parenthood’s selling body parts from aborted fetuses, launching of congressional investigations, and attempts to stop funding of Planned Parenthood, Coulter chides the so-called (in her eyes) bravery of politicians who are behind the times, saying,

“… their big thing is to keep talking about this abortion thing. Well, that’s great if it were 1977. I’d think you’re really brave and you’re doing a great thing. But I kind of think you’re just a putz imitating what was good forty years ago at this point.”[2]

Sorry, Ann, but “this abortion thing” is a big deal, especially now, when the entire country is horrified by what recently released videos reveal. (Much like the public is horrified by the Kathryn Steinle murder, a media frenzy Coulter is all too keen to exploit and take credit for.)[3]

Instead of doing the right thing – protecting the lives of those most vulnerable – Coulter would have Congress do nothing but pursue her immigration agenda. (Build fences while babies die!)

For Coulter, it is never the right time to defend the unborn,[4] to help those who are regarded as somehow “below human.”

In 2000, Coulter vilified GOP presidential candidate Gary Bauer and other pro-lifers who were seeking a constitutional remedy to abortion. Her essay was titled, “Must Christian conservatives be fascists?” Coulter’s purpose was to preserve George W. Bush’s candidacy from the wrath of the abortion industry.

Ever since, Coulter has subordinated pro-life considerations to whatever matters she considers more immediate or more expedient. Coulter has, in fact, rejected many potential pro-life candidates for others she deemed more electable.[5]

Coulter blamed pro-lifers for Republican defeat in 2012, writing, “Can you learn to say, ‘no exceptions’ or rather, ‘no abortions with exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother?’ Learn that. Memorize that. Stop waxing philosophical when you’re running to make laws.”[6]

Yes, Coulter blamed pro-lifers for Romney’s defeat: “The last two weeks of the campaign were consumed with discussions of women’s ‘reproductive rights,’ not because of anything Romney did, but because these two idiots [Akin and Mourdock] decided to come out against abortion in the case of rape and incest.”

Moreover, Coulter thinks life in the womb is a “philosophical” argument and wants pro-lifers to be pragmatic by permitting human beings who are conceived in rape to be aborted. Coulter’s disregard for human life is clear in her pretzel-twisted logic:

“No law is ever going to require a woman to bear the child of her rapist. Yes, it’s every bit as much a life as an unborn child that is not the product of rape. But sentient human beings are capable of drawing gradations along a line.”

A child of rape is “every bit as much a life as an unborn child that is not the product of rape,” yet that child’s life is forfeit for political reasons.[7]

Ethics have never been Coulter’s forte.[8]

Last year, Coulter offered a talking point for Republican candidates:

“Yes, of course there should be exceptions in the case of rape and incest, and I also support giving rapists the death penalty, unlike my Democrat opponent, who wants to give rapists the right to vote.”[9]

Now, Coulter scorns pro-lifers to target immigration – her current single issue – because she is selling a book.[10]

Still, Coulter has the temerity to claim, “I am totally pro-life.”[11]

Coulter is the real putz![12]

[See also “Coulter’s Assault on Pro-Life Movement Continues” at http://wp.me/p4jHFp-9a.]


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