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Ann Coulter – Assad Truther

Bizarre. Erstwhile neoconservative turned face of the Alt-Right has now gone TRUTHER on us.

Ann Coulter is an Assad Truther!

Coulter claims that Syria’s WMD attack never happened and photos of dead children are fake. If it did happen, America should not get involved, even though “half a million people have died already.” So, Syrian genocide is OK. (Coulter already supports Christian genocide.)

If Syria did commit a WMD attack, Coulter argues that “it wasn’t because they violated some, some horrible, you know, laws of war and humanity.” Except, of course, that is precisely what WMD use violates – “laws of war and humanity” that were enacted post-World War I and strengthened thereafter.

Bashar al-Assad is a (relatively) good guy and a friend of the United States. (Remember, only half-a-million dead.) Assad’s father was a butcher, too. Coulter wrote:

“Assad is one of the least bad leaders in the entire Middle East. He’s not a murderous thug like Saddam, has no rape rooms, isn’t into jihad, protects Christians and is fighting ISIS. He provided us with intelligence on al-Qaida after 9/11. He does not have crazy Islamic police slapping women around or throwing gays off buildings. (That would be our beloved ally, Saudi Arabia.)”

American generals are right out of Dr. Strangelove. “But, it’s been interesting watching so many of these generals straight out of Dr. Strangelove pushing for war with Syria, war with Russia, war with North Korea.” (Coulter is strangely prone to denigrate American war heroes and their families. It must stem from her Alt-Right ideology.)

Coulter questions why Assad would use chemical weapons. That’s not strange, Ann. Assad’s father leveled an entire city (Hama) in 1982 to demonstrate his power and crush resistance. Like father, like son. (Coulter should stop listening to leftist talking points and think for herself.)

Consequently, Coulter demands that Trump not wag the dog. She cannot see that #AmericaFirst includes a strong American military projecting American power against America’s enemies.

Coulter hates the rest of the world so much that she opposes Christians on overseas missions. Now, she wants America to cower within its borders (Fortress America) and let evil rise unopposed throughout the world.

To justify condoning evil she has gone truther, 1) denying evil exists, or 2) if evil does exist, it’s not so bad, and 3) evil out there is neither America’s fault nor America’s responsibility.

Most Americans, Ann, know the truth about Assad and they are coming to know the truth about you.

[A new book, #NeverTrump: Coulter’s Alt-Right Utopia, examines the origins, worldview, and impact of the Alt-Right movement. It is now available on Amazon at http://amzn.to/2fzA9Mr.]


Tortured and Torturers are All the Same

Ann Coulter wants to do nothing about the Christian genocide[1] taking place in the Middle East, so her apathy toward non-Christians being persecuted is not surprising. One would expect, though, that she could distinguish between the tortured and the torturers! Coulter can’t!


In yesterday’s column,[2] a confused Coulter again conflated victim with victimizer, demonstrating yet again that in her mind refugees fleeing persecution are synonymous with their persecutors and no different from all those bad immigrants who are “hell bent” on destroying America.[3]

By Coulter’s own account, Kamal, a Syrian refugee living in Texas, fled a government which imprisoned and tortured him for protesting against the government. Kamal fears for the lives of his relatives in Syria who do not abide by sharia law. Kamal understandably wants his family and other freedom-loving refugees from Syria to be able to join him in the land of the free.

From Coulter’s perspective, Kamal is no different from his persecutors. Coulter asks, “Why would any country not jump at the chance to admit masses of people who administer electric shocks and remove organs as punishment for protesting the government? We must be crazy!”

Kamal is the victim, not the perpetrator!

Yes, Coulter equates a protestor opposed to government tyranny and persecution with the government being opposed and performing the persecution!

Coulter also claims that Kamal hates Syrians (because he fled Syria) but wants to bring Syrians to the U.S. Wrong! He hates the Syrian government, not the Syrian people. Coulter used to be more sanguine. As she noted in 1996, “It wasn’t that we hated the Russians; we hated the system, we considered them victims of the system.”[4]

Now, Coulter has changed her tune. Now, she is outraged at those who want to help persecuted Syrians. Sarcasm directed at the Times, Coulter wrote, “they’re shocked when readers don’t respond to descriptions of these medieval cultures by saying, What this country needs is more electric shock torture and organ harvesting of prisoners. How about we bring in some more Syrians?

Kamal was the victim of “electric shock torture and organ harvesting,” not the culprit!

Coulter next relates a gruesome story of Farkhunda Malikzada, was savagely “beaten to death” by “a homicidal mob in Afghanista,” “after being falsely accused of burning a Koran.” One local merchant, Mohammad Yaqoub, was “eager to join.”

Coulter, apathetic to all the victims of these Islamists, jokes: “Let’s get Yaqoub here. He can work at Lens Crafters!”

Coulter decries “the government’s plan to continue dumping these sick, sadistic cultures on us.” Again, Coulter confuses peoples and cultures. They are not the same. Individual refugees fleeing persecution (especially those actively opposed to the government and sharia) are fleeing the culture.

Ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She is a Somali-born, Dutch-American activist who has dedicated her life to end the culture of female genital mutilation and reform Islam.

For over 15 years, Coulter has projected her own unique worldview, one which posits good and evil with no shades of gray. Her paradigm offers only stereotypes. In 2002, Coulter claimed that all liberals are to blame for all the evils extant in the world. In 2003, Coulter contended that all liberals are traitors and opposed to civilization. In 2006, Coulter asserted the godlessness of all liberals. Now, she claims that all immigrants are bad.

Well, almost all. (She likes the white European ones.)[5]

In the end, Coulter seeks to restore a lost WASP culture in America and she seeks the permanent elimination of Third World immigration. She laments that the Obama administration has admitted only “approximately 12 immigrants from the British Isles.”

(Ann, non-white Middle Easterners also reside in the British Isles. Oh, that’s right, that’s why you want to use Tinder to process their applications.)[6]


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Ann Coulter … Dangerously Wrong!

As America braces for a heightened terrorist threat over this Fourth of July weekend, Tucker Carlson exclaimed, “Of course, we’re going to raise the fist of defiance against tyranny.”[1]

Meanwhile, Ann Coulter – fiery neoconservative turned xenophobic paleo-conservative – utterly rejects reality, claiming ISIS poses no threat to Americans in the homeland. All to promote her brand, her book, and herself.


Yes, Coulter vigorously denies what everyone else knows to be true: ISIS is in America.[2] But, according to Coulter, the media’s focus on ISIS is part of a grand conspiracy to distract Americans from the real threat to America: immigration. (Not coincidentally, the subject of her latest book.)[3]

Even the Obama administration admits what it is reluctant to acknowledge (and what Coulter denies)[4]: ISIS poses a grave threat to Americans at home.

Coulter claims, “If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria.”[5] In contrast, Michael McCaul (R-TX), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, warns: “They’re already in the United States. You don’t have to travel to Syria. They’re already here!”


Coulter claims, “ISIS is not at our doorstep.”[6] Coulter’s close friend, Pamela Geller, warns, Geller warned: “ISIS is here. Islamic terrorism is here.” Will Coulter listen?

Yes, indeed, ISIS is here, posing a threat to every American.[7]


Coulter risks American lives to promote her own agenda and to sell herself and her books.[8]

Remember, this Fourth of July, Coulter is not looking out for America, she is looking out for herself.

Update: In the wake of the terrorist attack in Chattanooga, TN, on July 16th, we should recall Coulter’s words just nine days earlier: “Yes, it could have been any weekend. I’ve noticed, we’ve all been warned all week, ‘Watch out for ISIS! Watch out for ISIS this weekend.’ And no, instead, Americans were killed by immigrants.”[9]

ISIS is here!

Headline: “There Have Been More Jihadist Terror Cases in U.S. in 2015 Than in Any Year Since 9/11.”


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Adios, Ann: Fear Mexicans, Not Jihadists!

If we can’t trust Ann Coulter with basic biographical information,[1] then how can we trust Ann Coulter with so-called “facts” that she presents in her columns or books?[2]

With Adios, America! Coulter both exaggerates the immigration crisis and denies the jihadist threat to (and in) America. In reality, these are intertwined and interrelated crises. But, in her book and during her book tour, Coulter single-mindedly fixates on the former and willfully ignores the latter, as if we can’t dance and sing at the same time.


Moreover, in seeking to STOP! immigration, she would do nothing do address either immigrants currently here legally or the rapidly growing jihadist movement within America.

Coulter asserts, “I am a maniacal researcher.”[3] If true, then why does she get so much wrong? (With 89 pages of endnotes, one would think greater accuracy would be attainable.) Coulter …

  • Cites statistics and anecdotal evidence to suggest that every illegal alien and legal immigrant is harmful to the United States.
  • Denies the growing jihadist threat in America and would do nothing to combat it.
  • Falsely claims that America has taken in 25% of the Mexican population.
  • Offers conspiracy theories.

Fear Mexicans = Islamic Jihadists

In a controversial (e.g., normal for Ann) interview, Coulter astonished the predominantly Latino studio audience with this claim: “I have a little tip. If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria. If you don’t want to be killed by a Mexican, there’s nothing I can tell you.”[4]


Ending the lengthy silence of a stunned audience, Coulter added a demonstrably untrue assertion,[5] “Very easy to not be killed by ISIS. Don’t fly to Syria.”

Here – and throughout her discussion on immigration – Coulter proffers a moral equivalency between Mexican immigrants and Islamic jihadists, regarding both as equally dastardly. For this entire century, Coulter has asserted that all Muslims are potential terrorists (and all liberals are de facto traitors). Now, she is apparently asserting that all Mexicans are potentially violent criminals.

Coulter ignores the obvious: while some Mexicans are criminals, all terrorists are evil.

In differentiating between terrorists and illegal aliens[6] or legal immigrants, we must remember that there are differences in kind, in degree, and in motivation.

One group is terroristic, will do anything to further the cause of Islamic jihad, and seeks the destruction of America. The other group is not, will not, and does not.

Coulter says that the bulk of her book addresses legal immigration. She said, “Somalis leaving to fight with ISIS. Those are legal immigrants.”[7]

Yet, Coulter admits, “I don’t even care about ISIS!”[8]

Why not? She asserts, “ISIS is not at our doorstep.” But in her book, Coulter says that Somali immigrants legally in America are joining ISIS.


Don’t Fear Jihadists

While Coulter exaggerates the immigration threat, she minimizes the terrorist threat.

In her obsession to attack immigrants and illegals, Coulter denies the threat posed to every American by domestic Islamic jihad.[9]

Beyond being outright wrong, Coulter’s formulation – “don’t go to Syria” – actually blames the victims of terrorist attacks.

Brigitte Gabrielle, of Act for America, says, “The Islamic State is one of the greatest threats to our homeland. Its goal is to establish a caliphate governed by Islamic Law.”

On her website:

“At least 60 terrorist plots targeting the United States have been foiled since 9/11, largely prevented by U.S. law enforcement. The top five post-9/11 domestic targets include the U.S. Military (16 plots); New York City (14 plots); mass gatherings (nine plots); mass transit (eight plots); and critical infrastructure and Washington, D.C. (six plots each).”

“Through its seizure of oilfields, banks, weapons, and other resources, ISIS has amassed a war chest estimated to total $2 billion according to NBC News. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) warns that ‘the threat ISIS poses cannot be overstated.’ Feinstein, who has criticized President Barack Obama for being ‘too cautious’ in confronting ISIS, calls the terror group ‘the most vicious, well-funded and militant terrorist organization we have ever seen.’”[10]

Indeed, Islamists are seeking to establish sharia law in America.

But Coulter asks, “Why are we talking about ISIS when you would have to get on six connecting flights and walk through the mountains to put yourself in danger of being killed by ISIS?”[11]

Coulter is wrong[12] – and Coulter knows it!

Coulter lavished praise in a blurb for one of Robert Spencer’s books, writing, “Religion of Peace? is the perfect book to give liberals who fervently believe that Christianity is as dangerous – if not more dangerous – than Islam. Robert Spencer skewers the liberals’ paranoid and suicidal hatred of Christianity while reminding us how they ignore the real threat: Islamic jihadists with bombs. This splendid book demonstrates that what Islamic terrorists hate about the West is not its MTV, not the easy availability of pornography and abortion, but its Christian tradition. This goes a long way toward explaining why liberals never wanted to fight this war in the first place. Spencer’s book is well written, heavily researched, and a clarion call to America to wake up and fight back.”

Coulter’s lifelong friend, Pamela Geller, the organizer of the Draw Mohammed Contest, has been combating Islamic jihad in America for the better part of two decades, so this can’t be news to Coulter.


Moreover, from the moment 9/11 took place,[13] Coulter had been a ferocious warrior against, seemingly, the whole of Islam. Now, Coulter has been abundantly clear: “I don’t even care about ISIS!”[14]

In the wake of the latest Islamist attack in Boston, Geller warned: “This is just the beginning. The one thing that’s being ignored that came out of Garland, Texas, is that ISIS is here. Islamic terrorism is here. Now. Will the media realize what’s at stake and that their heads are next? Or will they continue to target me because they hate my message of freedom? That’s the question.”

False “Facts”

Coulter boasted, “There are a lot of unbelievable facts in this book.”[15] Coulter is right! Some of her “facts” are unbelievable because they are wrong.

According to Coulter, “America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico’s entire population.”[16] Conservatives and immigration foes have recited that factoid as if it were holy writ. It is wrong!

Coulter’s “facts” are often wrong.[17] She misconstrues the data on Mexicans, falsely claiming that we have “taken in” one quarter of the Mexican population. Wrong! 65% of the Mexicans cited in the report were born in America!

Coulter’s hatred of foreigners is legendary.[18] Here, she is claiming Americans by birth are foreigners.

According to Coulter’s very own source material:

“A record 33.7 million Hispanics of Mexican origin resided in the United States in 2012, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data by Pew Research Center. This estimate includes 11.4 million immigrants born in Mexico and 22.3 million born in the U.S. who self-identified as Hispanics of Mexican origin.”

Moreover, “In the decade from 2000 to 2010, that pattern reversed – births surpassed immigration as the main driver of the dynamic growth in the U.S. Mexican-origin population.”

One liberal blogger addressed Coulter’s absurdity is a Coulteresque fashion: “Using Coulter’s flawed logic, if we were to analyze the number of people of Irish descent in the United States, the country has taken in 737 percent of the population of Ireland.”

Coulter – not a mathematician – still claims, “We’ve taken one quarter of Mexico’s population. … lives in the United States.”[19]

On the John Gibson Show, Coulter doubled-down on her claim: “A quarter [of the population of Mexico]. At a minimum – a minimum!”[20]

Yet, Coulter accuses Republicans of stupidity, saying, “It’s not even just cowardice on the part of Republicans. It’s abject stupidity. It’s an inability to do math.”[21]

What about Coulter’s math?

Coulter’s source: “That’s from the Pew Research Center. They don’t specifically say quote ‘One quarter of the population’ but they say there are 30 million Mexican immigrants and of Mexican descent living in the United States. Well, Mexico’s about 120 million people.”[22]

If 30 million people came from Mexico into the United States, then Mexico’s population was closer to 150 million before the mass exodus. Thus, that 30 million would be 20% of 150 million.

But, the report that Coulter cites as authoritative actually reports that two-thirds of that cohort were born in America. Yes, Coulter is citing Americans as being “taken in” from Mexico.

Coulter’s figures are wrong! Two-thirds of people with Mexican ancestry in America were born in America. They were never “taken out” of Mexico. That drops the percentage down to less than 7% of the Mexican population.

[To be technical, 120 million (current Mexican population) + 11 million (Mexican expatriates) = 131 million. 11 million is 8% percent of 131 million.]

Coulter’s Conspiracy Theories

Last summer, Coulter made a discovery. She claimed to have unearthed a conspiracy! Coulter accused the entire media – from the New York Times to Fox News – of lying about the loophole which allows Central American children to receive special treatment at the border.[23]

Unlike her alleged conspiracy, the loophole that she claimed was nonexistent was real.

Yesterday, Coulter offered up another conspiracy theory, claiming the media, open borders liberals, establishment conservatives, and corporate America are conspiring to destroy America. (Everyone, that is, but a few bloggers, Hannity, and Coulter!)

On the Sean Hannity Show,[24] Coulter contended: “The media are conspiring to hide the evidence.” Beyond the media, she asserted: “Everyone is conspiring to change this country in a way that crushes the middle class, crushes the working class, that Americans absolutely do not want.”

Indeed, she argues, “It’s the most massive conspiracy of a national homicide made to look like a suicide I’ve ever seen.”

Hence the reason America needs her book (It’s nice to be needed, isn’t it?): “I do think it’s my most important book. … In this book, I am correcting lies you are being told right now that will affect the continued existence of the United States.”

It all turns back to Coulter, who alone can save America from demographic suicide!

Update: On her book tour, Coulter repeatedly erupts – “It’s madness!” – when addressing the current state of open borders. It is also madness to do as Coulter has done: 1) cite acts of Islamic terrorism in the United States at the hands of legal immigrants, 2) deny the existence of Islamic terrorists in the United States, and 3) oppose those seeking to vanquish Islamic terrorists in the United States.

Coulter’s book is principally about legal immigration. Her solution to those already here legally is to enact a moratorium on future immigration so that those already here can assimilate to the native American culture. But she decries the existence of immigrant enclaves (such as entire Somali communities in Minnesota) and the existence of atrocities committed by legal residents while simultaneously thwarting those who are opposed to those atrocities and trying to to stop the radicalization of those legal residents.

Quoting Coulter, it’s madness!

Update: Even after being apprised of her math error on Mexico, an unrepentant Coulter doubled down, asserting, “We’ve already taken in – at a minimum – one quarter of Mexico’s population.”[25]

Here, Coulter explicitly repeats her false claims of “taken in” and 25%.

See also “Ann Coulter … Dangerously Wrong!” at http://wp.me/p4jHFp-7x.


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