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Coulter’s Book STILL Failed!

Almost three month after her failing book launch, Ann Coulter boasted, “[The Rob Lowe Roast] was the best advertising I got for my book. I got way more advertising out of it, more publicity than Rob Lowe did, before it even ran a week later.”


As reported earlier, in a stupendous election year with a magnificent candidate in Trump and massive #TrumpTrain fans, Coulter’s awesome book worshiping Trump failed to become a bestseller!

Ann, you really do have to work on your self-promotion. If the Coulter/Lowe Roast was your best publicity and you still failed miserably, then something is seriously wrong!

Porn Star is in Eye of the Beholder

Which porn star do you prefer: Melania Trump or Alicia Machado?


Donald Trump has repeatedly body shamed former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Consequently, Trump supporters have flooded the Internet with pornographic photos of Machado to justify Trump’s sexist and derogatory behavior.

Funny thing is: Trump supporters decried any posting of any pornographic photo featuring Melania Trump.

I wanted to shoot my TV

Ann Coulter is renowned for her employment of elimination rhetoric and her desire to kill people and nuke nations. Now, she sets her sights on her own television set!


In a rather strange interview with Politico, Coulter both commended Donald Trump as a fantastic and magnificent presidential candidate and also expressed her frequent frustration with himgetting the details wrong” and going off-script.

So much so that Coulter said three times: “I wanted to shoot my TV.”

Drop the gun, Ann. Leave your poor TV alone. Don’t blame your TV, blame your candidate.

(Don’t blame #NeverTrump, blame Trump’s failures, flaws, fabrications, and fantasies.)

Ann, may I suggest: Turn off your TV.     Put on more nicotine patches.     Calm down (it’s only one election).     Fess up (confession is good for the soul).

Remember, Trump is your candidate. You picked him. You deified him. You own him. You have only yourself to blame.

Trump’s Not So Smart Consigliere

Coulter says she doesn’t think of herself as smarter than Trump (or anyone else), yet she relishes being regarded as Trump’s brain. Go figure.


When asked, “did you feel like you were smarter than Trump?” Coulter coyly demurred, charging that it was “such a liberal question.” She added, “I don’t think of myself that way.” (When has she not thought of herself that way?)

Coulter continued her riff, contending, “’Oh, we just like to think we’re smarter than other people,’ I would never think that.” (Pick almost any Coulter book or column for a refutation of her claim.)

Coulter then absurdly averred, “I don’t evaluate people that way.” But she does that all the time.

Coulter even repeatedly attacks  prominent conservative leaders (e.g., “Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, all the alleged conservatives” for disagreeing with or opposing her views. She actually claimed that those people don’t read and don’t know what they are talking about, in contradistinction to Coulter, who boasted: “My thought is that everyone should just listen to me.” (Yes, she’s the smart one.)

Even at the “Ann Coulter Roast with Rob Lowe,” Coulter claimed to have the very best jokes.

Coulter seems to see herself as the smartest person in the world. Everyone else fits on a scale from dumb to imbecilic. Calling someone “stupid” is one of her most used attacks.

Furthermore, Coulter loves the word “retard” and sees no problem with mocking “spastic retards.”

But Coulter has always felt superior to most people, even to her peers and her colleagues (see Chapter 4, “Brains”, in The Beauty of Conservatism).

As for Trump, Coulter argues, “Getting details wrong doesn’t interest me. He can follow my Twitter feed to get those things right.”

Wait? If Coulter is not smarter than Trump, then why should he take her advice? If Trump is so smart, why does he keep getting details wrong? And why does Coulter go crazy whenever her candidate goes “mental?”

A recent Coulter profile explained “How Ann Coulter Created Donald Trump.” If Coulter’s “The woman who tells Donald Trump what to think,” how could she not be smarter?

She just won’t admit it publicly. Perhaps she fears angering Trump again.

Stunning Coulter-Nehlen Defeat

They came, they campaigned, they lost. In a landslide.


Leading up to his spectacular defeat, Paul Nehlen, with Ann Coulter close by his side, sought to unseat Paul Ryan (R-WI). (Never mind that Coulter had previously defamed the entire Badger State.)

Nehlen/Coulter attempted to latch on to Donald Trump’s nonexistent coattails and ride the “anti-establishment” Trump Train to victory.

Through Ann Coulter’s Eyes

Coulter’s tweets tell the story. With bold confidence, Coulter promoted Nehlen as a surrogate for Trump and a savior in miniature for the nation. (Yes, she likened Nehlen to a savior as she had Trump.) For weeks, Coulter championed inevitable victory for Nehlen. He would be as big a winner as Trump.

Coulter tweeted:


Notice, Coulter called for Wisconsinites to “dump Paul Ryan,” saying “It will be historic.” She noted, “In 2010, only 4 of more than 390 House members lost in primaries.” Obviously, she was confident that Ryan would lose his primary battle in 2016.

Coulter tweeted:


In the midst of the primary, Coulter observed, “Ryan’s 88.6-point win in 2014= largest victory margin in a contested primary since 1950,” seemingly confident that Ryan’s imminent defeat would be similarly epic. So much for hubris.

Nehlen lost in a 68.2-point defeat.


The Donald has proven he has no coattails and the Trump Train is really a personality cult as opposed to a political movement (like the Tea Party) built around a clear set of principles.

Befuddled, Coulter lashed out at the media. From the onset, Nehlen’s campaign enjoyed being favorably compared to David Brat’s. Why? Underdog Brat ousted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in 2014. Nehlen’s failure to perform (does he have little hands, too?) naturally made news.

Coulter tweeted:


Coulter continued:


So, Coulter and Nehlen’s campaign deliberately raised the expectations bar to an “historic” victory comparable to Brat’s in 2014, one which Coulter herself suggested would also be like Ryan’s own “largest victory margin” in 2014, and, yet, Coulter rails against the media because she lost?

Coulter was wrong. Again. (Does anyone else remember the magnificent Romney victory Coulter predicted in 2012?)

Perhaps Coulter fears that, despite being Trump’s consigliere and biggest shill, her irrelevancy will continue to grow. Perhaps Coulter realizes that she had tied herself and her future to Trump’s success and that his failure would be hers as well.

Indeed, Coulter fears Nehlen’s defeat prefigures Trump’s and that she will be the biggest loser of them all.