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@AnnCoulter Denies Reality, Lauds Biden’s Debacle

The fall of Kabul is a catastrophic debacle with seismic geo-political implications for generations to come, yet Ann Coulter praises Biden for doing what Trump did not do.

Never mind the utter chaos which has ensued. Forget about the tens of thousands of Americans trapped behind enemy lines. Ignore the courageous Afghan interpreters and other civilians who worked on America’s behalf are being hunted down and killed. Overlook the atrocities already being perpetrated by the Taliban and the threat to Christians in Afghanistan. Dismiss the fact that the geo-political landscape has decisively turned toward Darkness instead of Light!

But all this is good, according to Coulter, because Biden is good and Trump is evil.

Even CNN’s Clarissa Ward asked,

If this isn’t failure, what does failure look like?

Coulter’s column last week was titled, “Joe vs. The Swamp.” What? Joe IS the Swamp!

That day, Coulter told talk show host Mark Simone that Biden’s Afghanistan speech was magnificent, one which could have been written by Donald Trump or by Ann Coulter herself! (Yes, she praised a self-serving speech filled with lies!)

Regarding Biden’s disastrous Kabul debacle, Rep. John Kennedy (R-LA) observed:

It was the biggest terrorist victory since 9/11.”

But Coulter regards it as a victory for America!

The fall of Kabul has as great or greater significance than the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The latter was a force and movement for Liberty; the former, for Tyranny!

Historic parallels abound: The fall of Saigon; the Bay of Pigs; Benghazi.

Has Coulter not comprehended that no one will believe us, trust us, or fear us any longer? (Ironically, no one believes, trusts, or fear Coulter any longer.)

How can Coulter be so shockingly wrong? See Case Study: From Jingoist to Pacifist in Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged at https://bit.ly/2TttHtF.

.@AnnCoulter – an Expert on the French Revolution – LOVES Napoleon, the Dictator!

Wow! What nonsense Ann Coulter has been spouting of late.

She regards herself as an expert on the French Revolution and now hails dictator Napoleon Bonaparte as a hero!

That’s rather strange, as she sees herself as the consummate freedom fighter!

Joker: Ann Coulter Unplugged explains why Coulter has become such a Wacky Nut Job.


Coulter Proud to be Leni

Ann Coulter is proud to take the credit for Donald Trump’s political ascendancy as the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee.

Coulter Proud to be Leni

Coulter is a propagandist without peer,[1] the Leni Riefenstahl[2] of the Trump campaign,[3] and she is delighted to be called “the most influential commentator of this campaign.” Coulter always wanted to be a king-maker,[4] regardless of the outcome. Previously, she foisted Mitt Romney on us;[5] now she has given us the man with little hands.[6] Little hands, big ego.

If Coulter wants the credit, then she can take the blame!

Trump and Clinton are equally disasters, narcissistic statists who would further Obama’s statist agenda and, perhaps, irreparably end the American Experiment.[7] It doesn’t matter who prevails – Hillary or The Donald – because they are both liberal statists[8] unbridled by morality and unfettered by constitutional restraints.

Coulter has knowingly done this. Coulter admits Trump is a fraud[9] and exclaimed he is mental![10] Moreover, Trump will not pursue her professed immigration,[11] yet Coulter still extols Trump. Whatever his faults – and they are legion – Coulter is worse than Trump.[12]

As Americans suffer under the next liberal president[13] – likely with a Democrat House and Senate and an additional left-wing activist Justice – remember who wanted the credit and deserves the blame!


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