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Is Coulter as Corrupt as Clinton?

Coulter has written yet another diatribe[1] against Hillary Clinton, again contending that “the smartest woman in the world is not only arrogant and corrupt, but incredibly stupid.”[2]

To prove her point, Coulter lists a series of scandals and controversies, culminating with Hillary’s destruction of public records. But, as I’ve contended, this is not proof of stupidity. Rather, it is further proof of arrogance and corruption.


According to Coulter, Hillary must be stupid to be involved in so many scandals and behave so unethically – so often![3]

Coulter’s reasoning: “I think Hillary’s just really dumb. … it’s so stupid, it is such a self-inflicted wound … With her, it’s always – it’s just something that is so stupid.”[4]

But is that true? Let’s take Coulter for an example. Her intelligence has never been questioned by me. At times, she is brilliant.[5] But she is also integrity-challenged. One scandal or controversy after another.[6]

Consider this sampling. Coulter has …

Are these the actions of a bright person, or a stupid one?

IQ is not the parameter. The answer lies elsewhere: integrity.

But Coulter has always felt superior to most people, even to her peers and her colleagues.[17]

Coulter was born and bred an elite who came to believe her own press.[18]

Ann and Hillary share so many character traits[19] that Coulter had to find something to differentiate herself from Clinton. That something – stupidity – is a smokescreen. Coulter would prefer to believe that Clinton is stupid as opposed to “corrupt and venal,”[20] because those are traits she shares with the former First Lady.

Hillary has survived this long because she knows how to manipulate the system; she possesses money, power, and influence; and she has a network of colleagues and friends who will protect her no matter what she does. Hillary keeps getting away with immoral, illegal, and unethical behavior because she has never been held accountable for that behavior. Her ability to arrogantly get away with every escapade emboldens her in her arrogance and encourages further escapades.

The entire paragraph above applies equally to Ann.


[1]               Did I say “diatribe?” Yes. In addition to calling Hillary a “chubby” “ho,” Coulter wrote: “She’s a bore. She has the warmth of an Arctic ice floe. She hates people, and they hate her. She makes children cry and puppies shy away from her. Nobody wants to watch her wallow around in those neon pantsuits for the next five years.”

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Is Ann Coulter a Courageous Christian?

Ann Coulter recently commended mainstream Christian merchants for the courage of their convictions while attacking “most Christian leaders and certainly the Republican Party[1] for their cowardice.[2]

Is Coulter a courageous Christian? By her very own standards – No!


Coulter also vilified Christian missionaries[3] for their alleged cowardice, treason, and vanity, despite their obvious courage (and compassion) in serving in dangerous and inhospitable locations.[4]

But is Coulter courageous? Again, not by her standards.

Coulter insists, “the one thing every Christian should have is courage.”[5]

She has correctly identified the problem: “It’s Christianity that the left hates most of all. Because that is the foundation of our country, and everything – all of our freedoms come from that, freedom of association, freedom of speech, this direct attack on the Christians.”

Gay Bullies

But even as she commends Christian merchants for opposing the gay agenda and standing courageously for what they believe in, Coulter offers an Obama-like defense of those persecuting Christians.

She said, “This is the most consequential nation on earth. And the fact that these Christians would rather get praise from the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof by changing bed pans of Ebola patients in Nigeria rather than stand up to the New York Times and fight against abortion and fight against these bullies, and I don’t think it’s gay bullies, I think it’s – as you call them secular progressives or liberals.”[6] [Emphasis added.]

No, Ann, it is “gay bullies.” For over three decades, gay bullies have foisted the gay agenda into dominance in the public schools, academia, Hollywood and television entertainment, and other cultural institutions in America, including some churches!

Why does Coulter, with bold, broad-brush strokes, vilify all liberals as godless, America-hating, terrorist-loving traitors, denigrate all Muslims as terrorists or terrorist wannabes, and disparage all illegal immigrants as dangerous criminals, yet – in the face of all the evidence – offer an Obama-like “nuanced” interpretation of the nature of those who are promoting the gay agenda?

It is, indeed, “gay bullies” who are bullying into submission all those who oppose the gay agenda, and Ann Coulter has – for years – sided with those bullies.

Why, when America was at a tipping point, did Coulter choose the wrong side? Why is she now attempting to straddle the fence?

Ann Coulter – Gay Icon

In 2010, Coulter became the spokesperson for GOProud, a Republican organization promoting the gay agenda. She was acclaimed a “Gay Icon” and became “the honorary chair for the advisory council of GOProud.” According to GOProud, “Ann helped put our organization on the map.”


As for Coulter, she preened, “I am honored to serve in this capacity on GOProud’s Advisory Council, and look forward to being the Queen of Fabulous.”

At the very same time, actually courageous Christians at World Net Daily stood up for biblical truth and disinvited Coulter from their Take Back America Conference. Coulter reviled those courageous Christians (not dissimilar from the Christian merchants she praised in 2015), calling them “fake Christians” seeking “publicity.”

Matt Barber, Liberty Counsel Action, agrees with World Net Daily: “There is nothing conservative about the radical homosexual activist agenda which seeks to impose, under penalty of law, sexual anarchy.”

Coulter also appeared on LOGO’s gay TV show, The A-List Dallas. Once again, Coulter’s message was pro-life, while ignoring homosexuality itself!


True courage (and compassion) would speak biblical truth, would preach the gospel of repentance, forgiveness, healing, and transformation. True courage (and compassion) would proclaim Jesus’ gospel of salvation so that they might he saved in this life and the next. Enabling sinners to remain in sin is neither courageous nor compassionate.

When will Coulter repudiate her past promotion of GOProud and unequivocally oppose the gay agenda?

When will Coulter repent of her attacks upon those Christians who are, in fact, doing God’s work, whether those biblically-informed activists involved with the Take Back America Conference, or those heroic missionaries serving the least of the least overseas?

When will Coulter exhibit the courage she exhorts other Christians to exhibit?


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Fake Christians (in Coulter’s eyes)

Ann Coulter, who claims to be “an extraordinarily good Christian,”[1] rails again persecution of Christians yet attacks faithful Christians for their faith – because of political differences!

For almost two decades, Coulter has denied the very existence of liberal Christians.[2] Coulter has also attacked Christian conservatives – calling them “fake Christians” – as well as Catholics and Christian missionaries![3]


Fake Christians – Missionaries!

Last year, Coulter repeatedly defamed Christian missionaries,[4] calling them cowards,[5] traitors,[6] and glory-seekers.[7] She has not changed her views.

A few weeks ago, Coulter lauded “These small-town owners of [Memories Pizza] have more Christian courage than most Christian leaders and certainly the Republican Party”[8] and she exhorted Christians to have “courage [and] … Go out and fight.”

But in the midst of her exhortation, Coulter again attacked Christian missionaries, saying, “these Christians would rather get praise from the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof by changing bed pans of Ebola patients in Nigeria rather than stand up to the New York Times and fight against abortion and fight against these bullies.”

As one person tweeted, “If you let @AnnCoulter define God’s mission, you’re doing it wrong: http://bit.ly/V4pU77 #JumpingTheMissionShark,”

Indeed, Coulter misses the essence of the gospel, which infuses selfless love for the lost into global outreach in fulfillment of the Great Commission. Notice that Jesus’ commission – for worldwide, not national, evangelism – is recognized as “great.”

In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus instructed all of his disciples to “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

The apostle Paul spoke of this in Romans 10:15, “And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!’”

But Coulter despises those whom God has sent!

Fake Christians – Liberals!

To reiterate, Coulter hates liberal Christians, even denying that they could be people of faith and children of God. During the 2012 election cycle, Coulter opined, “all liberals are atheists. Only the ones who have to stand for election even bother pretending to believe in God … There’s only one true Christian liberal in the country and that’s Mike Huckabee.”

As she later explained to Huckabee:

“So I started thinking, what if you were a genuine Christian but you had some crazy liberal views on things that are not directly Christian, what would that look like? And I thought of you, Governor.”

(Is Huckabee really a liberal? Coulter knows he is not.)

Fake Christians – Conservatives!

Coulter has also attacked self-evidently conservative Christians who support traditional marriage and other biblical precepts. In 2010, Coulter vilified one conservative Christian organization for cancelling her speech, claiming, “These are fake Christians trying to get publicity.” She also castigated the organizer, Josef Farah, calling him a “publicity whore” and a “swine” who could “give less than two s—- about the conservative movement.”

Farah responded in a Christ-like manner: “Coulter called me a ‘publicity whore’ for my decision. But look who is on television talking about this – throwing mud, name-calling, smearing not only me but my entire staff. I will not engage in the kind of ad hominem attacks that have made Coulter so famous and that are making her even more of a media darling in this age of reckless anger and character assassination for the sake of entertainment.”

Fake Christians – Catholics!

Demonstrating her commitment to inclusivity, Coulter also lambasts Catholics (liberal and conservative) as “fake Christians.”

As Newshounds noted: “It seems like right wing diva Coulter is pretty pissed off about those Catholic public figures who are advocating that immigrant children should be treated with tolerance. So she blasted off some tweets which were, uh, strongly critical of these Catholics, including several directed towards friend of Fox Cardinal Timothy Dolan.”

She ramped up the rhetoric in a series of tweets assassinating the character and faith of compassionate Christians: (Emphasis added.)

  • If we got them hooked up to a lie detector, we’d find out not one of these moral show-offs believes in God
  • Oh wait, I’m sorry, Cardinal Dolan –you wanted to be a moral show-off while sending them to someone else’s property?
  • Not ONE of the grandstanding fake “Christians” in these photos believes in God. Look at them! It’s SEIU!
  • How about the governor’s mansion, you phony, grandstanding, Bible-toting hypocrite?

Notably, Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck were among those providing aid.

But Coulter is not one to let the truth get in the way of one of her phony narratives.[9] She does conservatives and Christians a disservice[10] by misrepresenting both and by offering herself up as a parody to, ironically, discredit those she claims to defend!

If Coulter truly understood the gospel that she purports to champion, she could be a force to be reckoned with. Until then, she is merely the blowhard she once cautioned against becoming.[11]


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Fifty Shades of Coulter

Ann Coulter can be brilliant and she can be abominablebut she doesn’t know the difference!

Over the last ten weeks, Coulter has reached the pinnacle of literary inspiration and she plumbed the depths of demagoguery. She has spanned the spectrum from laudable to deplorable!


Golden Girl

In March, Coulter penned a brilliant parody of Obama.[1] This was by far one of her best columns – ever! I would consider it the high-water-mark of her commentary. It spectacularly satirized the Obama administration in matters foreign and domestic, truly grasping the mindset of those she ridicules.

Truth is at the very heart of her hysterically funny parody. Coulter captured the essence of Obama’s rhetoric, worldview, agenda, and way of thinking. Indeed, while reading Ann’s words, one can hear Obama’s voice – his diction, intonation, emphasis – as if he were actually saying those words.

The best humor, after all, is rooted in reality.


In April, in a passionate defense of Christians and of the First Amendment, Coulter praised Middle American Christians for their faith and courage in standing up to the forces of political correctness, while appropriately denouncing political and religious leaders who have failed to do so.

Coulter said: “These small-town owners of [Memories Pizza] have more Christian courage than most Christian leaders and certainly the Republican Party.”[2] She added, “the one thing every Christian should have is courage. … Go out and fight.”

Rape Hoaxes

Coulter also wrote a series of well-thought-out columns addressing political correctness, phony hoaxes, and the like.

Last December, Coulter admonished the media and the Left for uncritically promoting these hoaxes. She raised a good point: “If we’re in the middle of a college-rape epidemic, why do all the cases liberals promote keep turning out to be hoaxes? Maybe I’m overthinking this, but wouldn’t a real rape be more persuasive?”[3]

She made that same point on Hannity: “If we’re drowning in this epidemic of rape on college campuses, why are all the cases they keep giving us hoaxes? Could they give us a real one? And in fact, what it illustrates is an epidemic of false claims of rape.”[4]

On April 1st, Coulter asserted, “Whenever one of these conscience-shocking stories is promoted to front-page status by The New York Times and involves … a campus rape … you can be pretty confident it’s a hoax.”[5] Except …

Her latest column on rape hoaxes was well done, except its title belied its content.[6] It asked, “Can the Left Come Up With One True Story?” The answer – not addressed in her column – is “Yes!” The Vanderbilt gang rape, which has resurfaced in the news.

(It is a pity that Coulter has become the spokesperson for rape, given her own history of trivializing that vile behavior.)[7]

Absurdum Redux

Last summer, liberals and conservatives alike skewered Coulter for her polemical and outrageous commentary[8] – from diatribes against soccer[9] to tirades denouncing Christian missionaries as traitors.[10]

I thought we were past all that, but, alas, no!


Coulter recently boasted that her first soccer column was one of her best, even calling it “magnificent.”[11] She has returned to attacking Christian missionaries,[12] charging, “that these Christians would rather get praise from the New York Times, Nicholas Kristof by changing bed pans of Ebola patients in Nigeria rather than stand up to the New York Times and fight against abortion and fight against these bullies.”[13]

In her defense of courageous Christians (noted above), she attacked these noble Christians, charging, “You’re afraid of being sneered at by the New York Times?”

Coulter’s eulogy for M. Stanton Evans[14] follows her habit of capitalizing on the death of others by using eulogies for partisan purposes.[15]

Coulter petulantly denounced CPAC for not inviting her to speak at its conference this year.[16] She expected to be asked to speak at CPAC. She felt she deserved to be invited to speak. Indeed, she felt entitled to speak. Therefore, in her eyes, CPAC was obliged to invite her.

Arrogance keeps cropping up in her work and her behavior!

Romney Mania

Coulter remains fanatical in her advocacy for a Romney presidential run in 2016.[17] To this very day!

She asserts, “No, with Mitt Romney we had someone who could win, who will win again.”[18]

Coulter continually compares Romney to Reagan, claiming, “[Romney] was better than Ronald Reagan.”[19] She emphasized that Reagan made a lot of gaffes and claimed that Romney made none! “[Romney’s] alleged gaffes, and I’m just not seeing it.”[20] Coulter so effortlessly jettisoned down the memory hole scores of Romney gaffes.[21]


Continuing, “[Romney] won more of the white vote than Ronald Reagan did in 1980. So, don’t tell me he is a suck-ass candidate. He crushed Obama.”[22]

Romney crushed Obama? Crushed?

Romney ran.

Romney lost.

Romney lost to the worst president in American history!


Still smitten with Romney and in denial over his ignominious defeat (and her complicity in that defeat), Coulter blindly defends and promotes him as the GOP’s political savior. Even though Romney is not running, he is the only candidate Coulter will consider for nomination: “They lost the best candidate they ever had with Romney. I think they’ll call him back by acclamation.”[23]

Coulter’s presidential fantasy for 2016 is that Republicans loseto prove Coulter right! She said, “No [I won’t give up on Romney], because I was right!”[24] In that context, she envisioned Scott Walker in a presidential debate, and said, “I just think people are going to see [Walker] on stage … and think, ‘Damn, I wish that were Romney up there.’”

Just a few days ago, Coulter commended Romney for withdrawing his candidacy: “I think Romney totally did the right thing by withdrawing.”[25] Why? To prove that Coulter was right all along. Coulter wants to gloat!

“I think Republican primary voters are gonna look up at whomever the last two are standing [at the end of the nominating process] … and say, ‘Wow! We totally blew it by not running Romney again. Then Romney gets it and, ha ha, we win.”

(Ann, that’s not the way elections work! A nominee can’t be spontaneously coronated at a convention without having already gone through the primary process.)


Coulter’s arrogance is continually on display in how she treats those who disagree with her political views – even among conservatives.

Though claiming to be a Tea Partier, she abandoned the Tea Party during the 2012 election cycle to support Romney, whom many Tea Partiers opposed. In like manner, she has favored many RINOs for Congress, while claiming otherwise. She has recently discovered that RINOs … vote like RINOs.[26]

Coulter attacks “alleged Republican spokesmen or news analysts,”[27] “fake Tea Party groups,”[28] and “alleged Tea Party for saying that Romney wasn’t tough enough and he should have said this and he should have said that.”[29]

Even though RINOs vote like RINOs, Coulter objects to non-establishment conservatives who “consider it a measure of their purity and their integrity to only run a candidate who will lose.”[30] In other words, real conservatives can’t win an election?

Coulter continued her harangue:

“And that’s what happened with Mitt Romney. … What was it Sarah Palin had against Romney other than he could actually win? For the first time ever, it was the conservatives who had tricked the establishment into supporting their candidate.”

Except, Romney was the establishment – as everyone but Ann realizes.

Again calling the Tea Party a mob, Coulter complains, “Now I do see a little bit of this mob mentality on the Right. And that is, just to shout out at people ‘RINO,’ ‘establishment.’ Well, unlike the mob aspect of the right wing, I actually read people’s positions and what they have done.”[31]

Yes, Coulter knows better than us mere mortals. It seems that Coulter does not know what a RINO really is. She gets the Republican part pretty well, but not the In Name Only part.

Does Coulter seem confused? She is. Consider her explanation:

“But it became kind of a mark of the fake Tea Party groups, and I don’t mean regular Americans. My conversation can get very confusing. I was explaining to one of my friends: when I say Tea Partier I either mean salt-of-the-earth, regular, nice American or I mean a sleazy, conman, faker whose ripping off conservatives. So it does get confusing. So I don’t mean the regular people. You saw it with all of these Tea Party runs against suspect Republicans …”[32]

Wait! Coulter uses the same term – “Tea Partier” – to refer to two opposing groups of people? I can well imagine that her “conversation can get very confusing.” The thing is, Coulter’s confusing way of speaking about these issues derives from her confusing way of thinking about these issues.

Coulter has to morph the language to fit her thoughts so that people can reach her conclusions. Coulter has twisted language and logic for over half-a-decade to justify foisting an establishment Republican upon the Conservative Movement, hailing him a purer-than-Reagan conservative.

Coulter continues to pretzel-twist language and logic in order to square the circle.

Hillary Clinton = Ann Coulter?

Arrogance again emerges whenever Coulter talks about Hillary Clinton.[33] Coulter repeatedly calls Clinton “just really dumb. … the dumb one … so massively stupidso stupid … she’s dumb … she is dumb.”[34]

It’s a theme she cannot turn away from, saying “It raises an IQ question that she would do this again.”[35] And, “I think probably a lot of them are starting to wonder ‘why would she do something this stupid?”[36]

Coulter disagrees with those who view Hillary’s various scandals – from Benghazi and foreign donations to deleted emails and other violations of law – as resulting from sheer stupidity and not from moral defects or psychological flaws. Coulter claims, “It’s not just arrogance. It’s not just cronyism. This is just pure, blind stupidity.”[37]

Coulter dismisses Hillary’s arrogance for one reason: it is commensurate with her own.

Coulter has been an expert on Bill and Hillary Clinton since the mid-1990s. She once said that she views the whole of life through the prism of the Clintons.

Coulter called Hillary a prostitute for marrying Clinton[38] and an unfit mother for staying married to Clinton.[39] For Coulter, it was always a character issue with Hillary: “Her whole persona is a lie. Her being is a lie. She’s a lie.”[40]

Suddenly, in 2015, Coulter has had an epiphany. It is no longer a character issue. Hillary is merely stupid?

In a remarkable twist of fate, Ann shares many traits with Hillary.[41]

Perhaps it is for that very reason that Coulter rejects Clinton’s psychological dysfunctions (which she shares) – hubris, sense of entitlement, corrupted by power, etc. – and opts for dismissing Clinton as simply too stupid.

Immigration = ISIS

Proffering a particularly provocative perspective, Coulter dismissed concern for ISIS and claimed illegal aliens are more dangerous than ISIS.[42]

With unmistakable clarity, Coulter said, “The common enemy are the Democrats! Haven’t I made that clear. I don’t even care about ISIS!”[43]

Very insistent – and wrong in her assertions – Coulter contends, “I don’t think we are vulnerable to ISIS. I can protect any American from ISIS right now, don’t go to Syria. Problem solved. ISIS is not 9/11. Stop talking about ISIS.”[44] And, “all we hear about, day in, day out is ISIS.”[45]

Coulter even asserted a conspiratorial argument, claiming, “Whenever the media starts obsessing with ISIS, I think you’re hiding something. And you’re hiding something on the Democrats, who themselves, when they’re running for office, say, ‘Oh, no, of course I don’t support Obama’s executive amnesty.’ Now they’re down there filibustering it! Do Americans even know that?”[46]

Remarkably, conservatives gave her plenty of uncritical attention, in stark contrast to that given Bernie Chambers, Nebraska State Senator, who claimed, “Nobody from ISIS ever terrorized us as a people as the police do daily.”

For instance, all of the co-hosts of The Five chastised Chambers:[47]

  • Julie Roginsky: “They take it to an insane point where, instead of making your case, you start comparing people to ISIS.”
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle: “It’s just so insulting and so disrespectful. I mean, this kind of rhetoric, why does this guy even have a job? I don’t understand why people tolerate this kind of nonsense.”
  • Dana Perino: “Use your words, use your reasoning and your logic, bring your facts, bring your statistics. The thing is, reckless and irresponsible rhetoric like this could lead to him needing protection.”
  • Greg Gutfeld: “There’s always somebody comparing somebody to Hitler. That will never go away. They’ll say you’re worse than Hitler. No matter what, that’s what they’re going to say.”
  • Eric Bolling: “Look at everyone – it’s coming from the left. It’s coming from liberals.”

Sorry, Eric, but your friend, Ann, frequently makes ISIS and Hitler comparisons without regard for truth.[48]

Liberals’ Nazi Propaganda and Tactics

While making valid arguments opposed to various race hoaxes, Coulter employed Nazi illusions,[49] writing,

“Is this the kind of society we want to live in, where a student can record his intoxicated friends singing a nasty song, and the whole country applauds the Nazi block-watcher and joins in the denunciation of his marks?” Lest we miss her point, Coulter called this student an “aspiring Stasi member.”

In a repellent column (which made some good points in a bad way), Coulter attacked ABC news anchor David Muir for his looks and accused him of being a Nazi.[50] Calling him a “pretty boy,” Coulter argued that Muir’s summary of an event was “nothing short of Goebbels-like propaganda.”

Coulter concluded her diatribe: “A prettier face, but the same old propaganda.”[51]


Coulter on the Offensive

Coulter boasted in 2006: “A word to those of you out there who have yet to be offended by something I have said: Please be patient. I am working as fast as I can.”

Yet, she claims, “I don’t think my opinions are controversial.”[52]

Squaring the circle can be difficult at times.

But, Coulter’s prime directive since the turn of the millennium has been to offend. Coulter is adept at offending.[53]

She compared libertarians to special needs children: “The problem with libertarians is – and it’s perfectly illustrated in Rand Paul’s case – is they’re like special needs children. They need extra work because they take these wild-eyed libertarian positions.”[54]

(Meanwhile, she ludicrously asserts, “I’m not a Libertarian, though I’m more libertarian than most libertarians.”)[55]

She continues to employ elimination rhetoric:[56] ““I would totally take the Chinese approach and kill them [liberals] all”[57] and “we’ll have to do is organize the death panels for the people who destroyed America, and map out whose graves will be desecrated.”


Coulter compared Obama to would-be assassin John Hinckley: “It’s like, you know, ‘Has John Hinckley called to congratulate Ronald Reagan yet?’”[58]

Coulter is now a proponent of widespread nuclear attacks: “I am now a pacifist in favor of the liberal use of nukes.”[59] And, she’s not joking!

“I’ve become a pacifist in favor of lots of nukes and daisy cutters. … We oughta just deploy nukes far and wide when necessary and not waste any more American lives.”[60]

Recently asked, “How do you come up with this stuff?” Coulter candidly replied, “Blind rage!”[61] This comes as no surprise to anyone. Coulter has been motivated by blind rage for most of her professional career.[62]

Coulter on Coulter

In much of her commentary, Coulter is sharp, incisive, spot-on. But in far too many areas, the chasm between Coulter’s perception and actual reality is far too wide. Coulter’s self-perceptions are particularly divergent from reality.[63]


Coulter has always wanted to believe herself among the crème-de-la-crème.[64] She has always envisioned herself better than the rest.[65] Consider these remarks:

  • “I’m always … I’m always right.”[66]
  • “My thought is that everyone should just listen to me because I do[67]
  • “I write about it in my very first New York Times’ best-seller, High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”[70]
  • “I’m thinking we may have to move [the release date] up. The country needs [my new] book. … this is the best one ever.”[71]
  • “I’ve been finishing my page proofs for my magnificent new book that comes out June 1st.”[72]

Coulter’s inaccurate perceptions about herself, others, and reality itself; her inability to either repent or to forgive; her purposeful character assassination of others; her eager employment of elimination rhetoric; and her refusal to do what she knows is the right thing to do – these are all emblematic of and a consequence of her vanity.[73]

Coulter current speech title is “Republicans Could Win, If They’d Stop Doing Some of the Things They’re Doing.” Yeah, they could stop listening to Coulter!


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An (Almost) Perfect Piece of Propaganda from Ann Coulter

Anatomy of a False Narrative

(A Primer in Propaganda)

[This feature is presented in my new book, Propaganda: George Orwell in the Age of Ann Coulter, available as a free download at www.coulterwatch.com/propaganda.pdf. A complete 14-page version is available at www.coulterwatch.com/files/anatomy.pdfDB]


Coulter’s second column attacking Christian missionaries is a study in propaganda. In it, Coulter employs a variety of Orwellian techniques, speaks authoritatively, and uses a wide range of humor to good effect. Those unfamiliar with Scripture and the teachings of Jesus could very easily be deceived. Others could be repelled from the gospel of Christ because of her words.

Here, we expose the deception and provide an anatomy of her false narrative. Consider this a primer in propaganda. Coulter used humor throughout her column to mock her critics and delegitimize their criticisms.

Opening Gambits

Coulter began her narrative with a paraphrase of Scripture, cleverly turning a well-known statement from Jesus into a defense of herself. Her essay title: “Let He Who is Without Ebola Cast the First Stone” hearkens back to one of the most poignant accounts in the Gospels.

The Pharisees wanted to stone to death a woman caught in adultery and Jesus defended her, saying, “Let him that is without sin among you first cast the stone at her (John 8:7).” Immediately – in her essay title alone – Coulter cast her critics as Pharisees and herself as the one defended by Jesus. Just as Jesus rebuked the Pharisees, Coulter rebukes her critics.

(Oh, by the way, it was Coulter who actually threw stones.)[1]

Technique # 1: Frame the Narrative

But back to Coulter’s essay and its lead paragraph: “There was some hubbub about my column last week, where I complained about Christians, like Dr. Kent Brantly, who abandon America to do much-praised work in Third World countries.”

Using a less poetic version of the Bard’s famous line from Macbeth,[2] “full of sound and fury signifying nothing,” Coulter diminished the extent of the controversy concerning her previous column by using a colloquialism to describe it: “hubbub.” Coulter then took the offensive, accusing the missionary of deserting his country for self-glory. Already Coulter contrasted two themes: an inconsequential hubbub over her innocent words and the sinister actions of false Christians.

Coulter, in effect, turned a Christian virtue into treason – and she conflated the gospel with patriotism (and conservatism).[3]

Technique # 2: Ignore Inconvenient Truths (e.g., “memory hole”)

Next, Coulter again diminished her own wrong behavior, dismissing the very notion there was anything at all to criticize, and she contrasted that with the alleged wrongdoing of her critics.

“I planned to respond to my critics this week, but, unfortunately, there’s nothing to respond to. They call me names, say I’m cruel, malicious, not a Christian, compare me to Howard Stern and cite the titles of my books as if they are self-refuting. (Zippy, aren’t they?)”

Coulter dismissed those names she was called – “cruel,” “malicious,” “not a Christian,” etc. – as if they were not accurate. Many would contend they are correct!

As you can see, Coulter also defended her books and praised their titles: “zippy” – a word she has employed many times to that end. For instance, during her Demonic book tour, when she asked, “Zippy titles, aren’t they?”[4] But don’t those very titles – Slander, Treason, Godless, Guilty, Demonic – suggest some measure of name-calling by Coulter – the very thing she is condemning?

Next, Coulter further suggested the voluminous criticism she has received from Christians and conservatives over her anti-missionary column is actually comparable to what she receives from liberals attacking her books upon their release:

“In other words, it feels like a book tour.”

In just eight short words, humorously conveyed, Coulter completely dismissed the substantive charges of her critics. She also reminded her readers that she is a perennial victim of the Left, during (and between) book tours. Further, Coulter subtly suggested that all of her Christian critics are liberals (and, therefore, in her eyes at least, not really Christians at all).

Note that Coulter used humor throughout to defuse the seriousness of the charges against her, to show herself in a positive light, and to attack her opponents.


Go and Sin No More

Coulter began her column alluding to the biblical account of the woman caught in adultery. Overlooked in her column, in her career, and in her life, is Jesus’ exhortation to that woman he saved from stoning: “Go and sin no more.”

Coulter boasts of being forgiven by God but displays no fruit of repentance. The fruit of the Spirit – as attested to by many this past summer alone – is seemingly not evident in Coulter’s life and work.

Jesus exhortation – “Go and sin no more” – requires repentance. Without repentance, there is no forgiveness. Certainly, this (almost) perfect piece of propaganda by Ann Coulter displays not a smidgeon of repentance.

Returning to Wehner’s wise words, he wrote:

“Most people, having written something so uncharitable about someone who has contracted a usually lethal disease in the service of others – having written a column whose words were meant to wound and ridicule – would be embarrassed by it. Ms. Coulter seems intent on wanting to highlight it. I’m happy to assist her in that effort. Let her columns on Dr. Brantly become an enduring testimony to her work, a window into her heart.”

“Mother Teresa went to Calcutta to serve a God whose highest calling includes serving the weak and suffering wherever they are found. That is something that Ann Coulter not only doesn’t understand; it’s something she finds offensive. Which tells you much of what you need to know about her.”

[For the remainder of this analysis, see my new book, Propaganda: George Orwell in the Age of Ann Coulter, available as a free download at www.coulterwatch.com/propaganda.pdf. A complete 14-page version is available at www.coulterwatch.com/files/anatomy.pdfDB]


[1]       Coulter could not have been oblivious to the fact that the missionary she condemned had contracted Ebola. That was the impetus for her first column and the whole point of her essay title – highlighting his illness. Continuing to mock him, was she also suggesting that – as the one with Ebola – only he was in a position to cast the first stone? As a Christian, would he do so? But, in keeping with her own argument, if Coulter did not have Ebola, what right did Coulter have to criticize the missionary to begin with?

[2]       Coulter should bear in mind Shakespeare turn of phrase in Hamlet: “The lady doth protest too much.” Coulter’s rebuttal was an unusually long 1,301 words.

[3]       Indeed, throughout this century, Coulter has equated Christianity with Conservatism, claiming there are no liberal Christians. See The Gospel According to Ann Coulter, 2011, at www.coulterwatch.com/gospel.pdf.

[4]       Ann Coulter, In Depth, C-Span, 8/7/11.

Ann Coulter to God: “STFU”

In yesterday’s column, Coulter told God to shut up. Coulter lambasted all of her Christian critics – those whom God is using to prophesy truth into her life. But Coulter has not rejected them. She has rejected God.


Ann Coulter boasts, “I’m an extraordinarily good Christian,”[1] and she goes to great lengths to show how unchristian every other Christian is. Compassionate Christians are “moral show-offs.” Christian missionaries are traitors doing it for their own self-glory. And, now, Coulter calls those selfless missionaries – and all those who defend them – atheists!

With but a few notable exceptions, Coulter has spent most of her professional career contradicting God, while claiming to be “an extraordinarily good Christian” and being regarded as a Christian leader.[2]

At the turn-of-the-millennium, Coulter laid down the gauntlet before her audience – and her Creator – writing, “If God himself came down from heaven and told me these cops intentionally murdered Amadou Diallo knowing he was unarmed, I would not believe it.”[3]

Who would deny the very words of God spoken personally to them? Coulter!

Coulter has been contradicting God throughout this century, whether in denying His gospel of grace and love or disavowing repentance and forgiveness. Truth (and Jesus is the “Truth”) is a casualty in most Coulter columns. False witness is one of Coulter’s most prevalent sins. Her pride is perilously persistent.

Twisting Scripture and Logic to Defend Herself From Truth

For the second time, Coulter attacked Christian missionaries. Coulter clever but deceptive essay title, “Let He Who is Without Ebola Cast the First Stone,”[4] parodies a statement and concept by Christ which she clearly cannot grasp. Oh, by the way, it is Coulter who has been throwing stones.

Coulter again turned the gospel – and Christianity – upside down. Her gospel is political and nationalistic.[5] Coulter chastises missionaries “who abandon America to do much-praised work in Third World countries.” Abandon? Do it for the glory and praise?

Again, Coulter “assailed” “the whole concept of American Christians fleeing their own country.” But, Ann, Christians are pilgrims and sojourners in this life whose citizenship is in heaven. Sadly, Coulter is too much a part of this world to see the heavenly glories.

Coulter’s assault on missionaries continued: “I set forth evidence for what I’m saying about there being glory-seeking and cowardice in Christian missions to Third World hellholes.”

Abandon. Glory-seeking and cowardice.[6]

What a ghastly human being Coulter has become!

Coulter’s first essay attacking Christian missionaries displayed an incredible lack of judgment and discernment, as if it were a good idea to impugn the work and the motives of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Her follow-up essay was equally as belligerent, impenitent, and arrogant, and – confronted by the truth of her errors – willfully evil. How else to characterize purposeful defamation of innocent, indeed, selfless Christian missionaries serving those desperately in need in Third World countries?

Substantive Criticism

Coulter denied there had been any substantive criticism of her column, claiming, “there’s nothing to respond to.” She continued, “Missing from these alleged refutations is what we call a ‘point.’” Then Coulter called these Christians stupid and incapable of making rational arguments.

Coulter again asserted, “No one has responded to that argument. It was a major strategic error for my critics to ignore one of my central points, while beating a straw man to death.” But dozens of people did just that – responded to her centrals points with facts, reason, examples, and Scripture.

Scriptures Coulter chooses to ignore.

Here’s the Point!

Coulter claimed there was no “point” to criticisms of her.

Here’s the point, Ann. You are wrong. Demonstrably wrong. Demonically wrong. And you will not admit it. You would rather thumb your nose at God and His people than repent. You would rather hate those who tell you the truth than accept the love of God offered you.

Every Christian could ask you, Ann, what Paul asked the Galatians in Galatians 4:16: “Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?”

Ann, your hubris compels you to boast: “Liberals have been trying to insult me into submission for more than a decade. These guys think they can succeed where Vanity Fair failed?”

How about this, Ann? Faithful Christians – Jesus’ disciples who actually look to His guidance and seek His will in their lives – have spoken the truth to you and you will not hear. You will not hear because that would mean having to choose between doing His will and your will. But, you made that choice long ago, didn’t you?

Coulter’s Conceit

Coulter’s entire column is worth reading for insights into the person she has become. This section reveals both Coulter’s conceit and her ignorance of spiritual discernment. Coulter wrote:

“Third, I strongly advise against using one-size-fits-all arguments that can be turned back against you.”

“They say: ‘How do you know whether God called Dr. Brantly to go to Liberia?’”

“Ah ha! But then I riposte: ‘How do you know whether God called me to write that column?’”

[Great use of humor to mock her critics and lovely word choice: riposte! But my response follows Ann’s next sentence.]

“And there we are, stuck at an impasse.”

Ann, there is no impasse. We know that God did not call you to write your column because He is a God of truth and love and your column contained neither. (Though it is quite likely that His will was to expose the hardness of your heart through that column and the next one.)

Coulter continued:

“This is the weakest technique of my critics, and one that is sadly common among certain types of Christians. (We usually call them ‘atheists.’)”

Here again, Coulter resorts to name-calling, saying “certain types of Christians” (e.g., those who are not hard-core conservatives, nativists, and Coulter-lovers) are really “atheists.”

At heart, Coulter wants the people of God to worship a god who has been created in her image.[7]


The Gospel According to Ann Coulter at www.coulterwatch.com/gospel.pdf.


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[7]       Coulter’s own desperate pursuit of self-glory is examined in Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory at www.coulterwatch.com/vanity.pdf.

Ann Coulter’s Ebola Fallout

Ann Coulter has been almost universally criticized for her supremely anti-gospel Ebola polemic against faith-filled Christians seeking to do God’s will in overseas missions. She was almost uniformly excoriated across the Christian community – from biblical scholars, to evangelists, to missionary leaders, to lay members.

Those rare individuals who defended Coulter did so almost uniformly in support of her accurate observations about America’s need for spiritual reformation. Coulter accurately diagnosed a set of serious cultural problems in America that are at root spiritual in nature. But Coulter’s solution – that Christians should be less Christian and not follow God’s call in their lives – is ludicrous.


I have culled the best and most interesting excerpts from commentary on Coulter’s column and the subjects she raised. Your comments would be most welcome.


Free Republic

Free Republic was once a repository of libertarian-conservatives who almost literally worshiped Ann Coulter. No longer. Here are just a few of their observations:

  • “I think she’ had an Ann-eurysm.”
  • “Coulter and Pelosi belong in the same psychiatric ward.”
  • “Christian missionaries have been going to the uttermost parts of the earth for centuries. Perhaps Ann would prefer that Islam or paganism or some such thing have total sway over the lost of the world. Jesus Christ has a different preference.”
  • “Ann seems to think snarky equals clever. This is just peevish and mean.”
  • “I think the ignorance of Ann is stunning and I think your fears are irrational. I work in hospitals on a daily basis and have as much fear of Ebola as I do of KmRSA. Which is none. Respect and common sense is good. Phobia is bad. Ann is phobic. Are you as well?”
  • “Ann, you blew it big time! It isn’t narcissists that go where they sense the Lord is sending them, it takes a servant heart with a total sacrifice of self to answer the call of God. We have no business condemning those who are willing to go anywhere for the gospel!”
  • “This was an attack on Christianity, and Evangelical Christians, which is a huge leap forward into the direction that Ann has been moving into for years.”
  • “How about Ann Coulter’s narcissism? It’s all that has ever held her together.”


For the remainder of this column, the headings are actual hyperlinked titles of commentary on the Internet. The quotes below are all excerpted from those sites.


“Ann Coulter to Jesus: Fix Bethlehem First!”

[Isn’t that a great title? – DB]

It seems that she believes that Dr. Brantly, who is a medical doctor, has some mysterious power as a Christian to evangelize “Hollywood power-brokers,” and it’s only his vanity (“Christian narcissism,” she calls it) that sent him off to the third world with his medical supplies, rather than – what, trotting up to Quentin Tarrantino’s gate, introducing himself as an M.D., and suggesting that Mr. Tarantino repent? And this would have been more effective than ministering to the dying in Liberia.


“Ann Coulter: The World’s Worst Theologian”

Mark Twain famously said, “To a guy with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Perhaps “to a woman with a political column, everything looks like the Democrats did it.” Here, without any knowledge of Brantly or his politics, she writes that Christian doctors are “tired of being called homophobes, racists, sexists and bigots. So they slink off to Third World countries, away from American culture to do good works…”

Apparently, Coulter couldn’t be bothered to do any research about Brantly before writing her article. And haven’t Christians been serving overseas well before anyone ever heard of Jerry Falwell?


“The Gospels rewritten”

Apparently, his altruism didn’t measure up to Coulter’s brand of superior morality.


“Ann Coulter, Stop Speaking for Jesus”

Instead, she dresses up her vitriol in an feeble attempt to appear a caring Christian, lamenting the lost in this nation who are not cared for while this doctor apparently flitters about in Africa, as if to say Jesus cares more for Americans than He does for the lost in other nations.

This would be sad if not so sickening and jingoistic. …

But minus the venom in her sentiment, why does it have to be either/or?  Why would we ever think that we need to ignore one group while focusing on the other?  Can’t it be that the Church is far big enough to reach lost Americans AND lost Africans (and lost Europeans and lost South Americans and lost Asians and….)?

In Jesus’ last earthly words, as recorded in Acts 1:8, he encourages His disciples that “you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

The last time I checked a map, the U.S. is not the sum-total of the end of the earth.  I believe that Africa can be included in that description.


“Are Christian Missionaries Narcissistic Idiots? – A Response to Ann Coulter”

And yet from a Christian concern we cannot leave the issue of the Ebola outbreak without turning to another kind of atrocity. In this case the atrocity was an opinion piece published just yesterday by conservative commentator Ann Coulter. …

Well the real annoyance here, indeed outrage, is not over the service of these two missionary doctors. It is over this kind of column that flies in the very face of everything Christ taught his disciples. The logic of the Christian church and of Christian missions has nothing to do with American nationalism. Some parts of Ann Coulter’s article where she speaks especially of Africa come very close to racism, but she certainly falls directly into nationalism when she says that American Christians need to “serve their own country.” …

Coulter has written a very sad and infuriating article – an article that should lead to outrage in Christian circles. It reveals a radical nationalistic and libertarian worldview that is fundamentally incompatible with evangelical Christianity, with the Scripture, and with the command of Christ. …

True gospel missionaries – those faithful to the command of Jesus Christ – are not driven by “narcissism” to use Ann Coulter’s word, they are indeed heroic. More than heroic, they are simply faithful.


“Ann Coulter Plays God”

In Coulter’s world, charity is measured in dollars. Any lives Brantley may have physically saved, any comfort he may have given, any love of Christ he may have reflected toward those lost is now irrelevant and pales in comparison to … money spent. Coulter’s “god” is sadly small and limited. It doesn’t occur to her that possibly the $2 million was part of a bigger plan. Possibly it was specifically earmarked by God to be the means to get an infected Brantley back to one of America’s premier hospitals where first-world medical professionals and pioneers would have the opportunity to study and observe the disease firsthand, which in turn could play a major part in finding an effective vaccine. And as it goes, said vaccine or medicine could then circle back to West Africa. All things are indeed possible with God.

Further, would Coulter tell the people whose lives were touched by Brantley, people whose broken bodies were repaired by the doctor and people who may have come to know God as a result of his witness, that in light of the money it cost to bring him home, they weren’t worth it? …

Of course it doesn’t occur to Coulter that perhaps God Himself directed the path of Dr. Brantley to serve in a land far away. … Did God share the road map of Brantley’s life with Coulter? Did she know something he *should* have known? …

[Coulter] cannot know the Hollywood power-broker would be saved. He could as easily reject Christ as the Liberian. Likewise, she cannot know that the Liberians will not experience a spiritual revival as a result of the ministry of Dr. Brantley and others. And yes, Ebola kills the body, but even the body being killed by Ebola can house a soul that is at peace and in communion with God. Further, Coulter forgets that it is God who opens the eyes of the unbeliever to see their need, not man. Who and where He chooses to deliver the message is His business. …

So, choosing to leave the most extraordinary country in the world and all the comforts that come with a first-world existence to go help others in a third-world place which often comes with huge built-in risk and sorrow factors, is because ooh, name calling! For the Christian in America, name calling, mockery and being maligned comes with the territory. For the Christian in other parts of the world, being killed for their faith comes with the territory. And likely they would say the risk posed is a small price to pay to show the love of Christ to those in need.

The Christians I have known who have served in faraway places are a humble lot. They choose to do what they do because they care deeply about those in need. They want to give back for having been given so much and they want to know God more fully through their service. The last thing they would ever want to hear themselves described as is “heroic.”


“Ann Coulter’s no voice for Christian conservatism”

Coulter isn’t a spokesperson for any brand of Christian conservatism. Her statement directly contradicts one of the things that Christians think is most important – the inherent dignity of all people. We believe that every single human person is made in the image of God, is worthy of dignity, and has an eternal soul. That eternal soul has a destination, and the message of Jesus is for them.


“Ann Coulter Becomes Unhinged”

Has Ann Coulter become unhinged? It looks as if she may have. …

Pardon me for taking a moment to vomit.

Apparently, Coulter has read neither the New Testament parable about the sheep and the goats nor the parable about the Good Samaritan, both parables having been told by Jesus himself. Had she read and understood them, the Coulter would know that Dr. Brantly was doing exactly what living out the Gospel message requires, which requires taking personal risks when necessary. …

Only time will tell if Coulter feels enough shame to apologize for what she wrote, or if she will be too narcissistic to make such an apology.


“A Failed Test of Compassion: Whatever Ann Coulter has, It’s Worse than Ebola”

Like a lot of people, I would like to think I have developed a natural immunity against Ann Coulter and her dreadful attention-seeking declarations. I try believe that whatever she has – and by the looks and sounds of it, it’s quite lethal, I won’t catch it.

As any doctor will tell you, reducing one’s exposure decreases the chances of infection and subsequent transmission.

So, I do my best to avoid reading or hearing anything from Ms. Coulter. It’s not easy. Coulter’s the Bird Flu of the Right Wing. …

Like so many things that Coulter writes about, this article begins with a false premise and runs wild from that point. Is she trying to claim there are there no Christian charities working inside the US? If so, she needs to do a little more research before picking up her poison pen.

Here’s an easily-found website that offers a list of Christian charities and I assume that most of them work inside the US. (I will not vouch for any of them but that is surely enough evidence to scrap the Coulter article at its inception.)

But perhaps I have misread: is she trying to claim that American-based Christian charities have no business helping the poor outside of American borders? I don’t happen to remember Jesus saying any like that. …

The most ironic part of this particular Coulter rant is that the lack of empathy that Coulter herself promotes on a daily [basis] is the best example why more and more people have simply stopped caring about what happens to the poor and the needy.

If there is a culture war in the US then Coulter should be looking in the mirror to find who is firing the salvos.


“Ann Coulter Channels Margaret Sanger”

You see Ann Coulter is angered that an American Doctor went abroad to West Africa to confront the recent Ebola infestation when he could have been treating sick people here in the United States. She sees it as foolish … I’m reminded of one Jesus’ parables at this juncture. Something about a doctor going to where people are sick. That could involve a risk factor. Bless Ann’s heart for pointing that out. …

Ann, Americans who feel entitled to tell a man like Dr. Brantley who he should save and who he shouldn’t be bothering with are about one-step removed from the morality of eugenicists. One of Margaret Sanger’s big arguments in favor of Planned Parenthood involved the Malthusian conceit that resource constraints gave us the right to predetermine which of God’s Children should be permitted to breed. If only Dr. Brantly had treated the Burt Reynolds character from the movie “Boogie Nights” – the guy who gave the world Dirk Diggler and Chest Rockwell. What a wonderful service to humanity that would have been. They could have co-founded a charity together: “Dildos for Jeebus!” But no, he had to go waste his talents on poor people from Africa.


“Ann Coulter’s Casual Cruelty”

(The irony of Coulter accusing anyone of narcissism seems lost on her.) …

Helping people in lands other than America, Coulter argues, is not only cowardly and selfish, but unbiblical as well. …

Even grading on the Coulter curve, the column is cruel, biblically illiterate and morally incoherent. Cruel because she’s mocking a man who has contracted a brutal and often lethal disease, a man whose family is now terrified for his life. It takes an unusually callous and malicious heart to devote an entire column to attacking a husband and father who, while serving others, is stricken with a virulent disease. And as an added grace note, Coulter divines Dr. Brantley’s heart, accusing him – without a shred of evidence – of being both a coward and vainglorious. …

Ms. Coulter’s biblical illiteracy is evident in taking a verse from Deuteronomy (15:11) and building a doctrine that argues that serving people outside of your nation is a violation of God’s word and ways. The logic of her column is that until every problem in your nation is solved, no person should serve as a missionary to other lands. This doctrine would surprise St. Paul, whose missionary journeys took him to (among other places) modern-day Syria, Turkey, Greece and Rome. If Ms. Coulter wants to defend her peculiar missiology and hyper-nationalism, she needs to find sources other than the Bible. …

Ms. Coulter seems unaware of the fact that the global medical missions movement is one of the great achievements of Christianity. But then again, there is much about Christianity she seems unaware of. Let’s just say that when one thinks about what St. Paul calls the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control – Ann Coulter’s name doesn’t leap immediately to mind. …

The poor we shall always have among us. The cruel and heartless, too.


“Why is Ann Coulter mean?”

Is pundit Ann Coulter unloved and do inner demons tell her she’s unlovable forcing the conservative pundit to project a disturbing meanness onto others? …

Coulter projects emotional demons and insecurities and doesn’t seem to realize it. …

[Coulter asks, “But why do we have to deal with this at all?”] But she doesn’t. No one asked her to engage in Christian mission work in Africa. In addition, this isn’t about Ann Coulter. …

Jesus isn’t an American and what he taught was universal and transcendental not to be contained within artificial borders or boundaries. The holy author doesn’t make a distinction by loving some children more than others depending on the disease, country, continent, or overall wealth of a nation. …

Should Father Damien who helped lepers in Hawaii in the 19th century and Mother Teresa who cared for the sick and hungry in India in the 20th century have both stayed in Europe? Should American Christian workers in Haiti, after one of the country’s worse natural disasters, stayed away in 2010?


“Are You ‘Idiotic?’ Ann Coulter Might Think So”

Wow. So basically, anyone who helps anyone, and it happens to involve personal sacrifice, is “idiotic.” …

Unfortunately, in the majority of the world, you can have all the desire and drive to change or improve yourself, but there are no programs, there is no government assistance, there is no hope. Places such as Liberia, where the average income is about $400 a year. … thousands do it to honestly help others, and we never hear anything about them. They go to “risky” places to help people, where there is no other help available. Guess what. Some people, Christians and non-Christians alike, who serve within the United States are narcissistic. Some do it for attention, a free t-shirt, and an instagram photo. Thousands do it to help others as well, without the thought of being “heroic.” God calls us in Mark 16:15 to “go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel” just as much as He commands us to help our brothers. If all of us serve in one capacity or another, we are all obedient to the individual desires and callings God has put in our hearts. And there’s nothing idiotic about serving each other.


“Can Christ Not Spare One Man?”

I also think had St. Thomas stayed in Jerusalem instead of journeying to India, many Indians would have never found salvation through Christ. Had Paul stayed in Tarsus instead of going on his missionary journeys, we would not have his contribution to the body of faith or the churches he planted along the way. …

Should Jim Elliott have never gone into the jungle? He was savagely killed there. His death inspired countless Christians to follow in his footsteps delivering the gospel to places it had not been delivered. …

Liberals treat prosperity in America as a zero sum game – if there are winners, there must be losers. They are wrong. Christians should not do the same with Christianity – surely a Christian may lose his life, but even then he is a winner. There are no losers except the Devil himself when a Christian goes therefore unto all the nations. …

Christians should be focused on saving souls where the Lord leads them and lends them talent and we should all praise the work of the Holy Spirit in so doing.


“Ann Coulter causes firestorm for her attack on Ebola victim Kent Brantly”

One might also make the point, besides the notion that Christians believe that both the bodies and souls of Africans have equal worth in the eyes of the Almighty as those of Americans, that the suffering of Brantly and of his nurse Nancy Writebol is likely going to have a beneficial effect far and beyond the current outbreak of Ebola. Research and testing for treatments of the deadly disease have been fast tracked because of them having been infected. This means that many thousands of lives will likely be saved from an agonizing death as a result of their sacrifice. …

The consensus seems to be that she is missing a basic tenet of the Christian faith, that one is called to go and do good wherever one is called to go, no matter where in the world, no matter where that happens to be.


“Forget EBOLA: The Greatest Threat To Africa’s Medical Missionaries Is Ann Coulter!”

It’s easy to take cheap shots at Ann Coulter these days: Ann Coulter is without a soul. Ann Coulter is heartless. Ann Coulter is evil. Ann Coulter is … Ann Coulter. …

… her mockery was aimed at the heart of her own self-professed religion: Christianity. And not just any Christianity, but Evangelical Christianity and its missionaries: Dr. Kent Brantly was part of Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse. If Coulter had mocked Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing, she could not have picked a more overtly Christian missionary team to add to her list of enemies. She also compounded her anti-Semitism by insinuating that Hollywood was controlled by Jews who needed to be saved (or rather, “perfected“). …

Writing about the latest Coulter outrage may seem to be futile since even her supporters know the obvious: Coulter is for Coulter is for Coulter is for Coulter. But oddly enough, she does have followers/readers who live vicariously through her outrage and mockery: most of them do not dare to enact her opinions for fear of seeming too un-Christian or inhuman. …

Yes, a “provocateur” is always worth the effort to focus upon when one knows the people she is provoking.


“Ann Coulter teaches us, ‘better hate than ever’”

This story is about Coulter being dead wrong, again.  I know first-hand there are plenty of Christian do-gooders that get into the business because they want to right wrongs and help miserable people be less miserable, here and all over the planet. These people have two things that Coulter doesn’t: charity and compassion. … they work to feed starving people, take care of the sick, build houses, bury the dead, stuff like that. I’ve known these people first hand. …

Coulter would never listen to the likes of someone like me. Perhaps somewhere in history someone could speak to Coulter. Someone she could relate to.  Maybe she and Marie Antoinette might have cake and tea together and talk about what can happen when the little people are expected to be someone else’s problem.


“Ann Coulter and Our Mission”

Many Christians were horrified because they rightly understood that Coulter’s comments are a repudiation of the gospel and the Great Commission. Many felt betrayed. We should not feel betrayed, any more than we would when Howard Stern mocks us on the radio. The same thing is at work. …

The church is built on the rock foundation of apostles and prophets, not hucksters and outrage artists.


“Ann Coulter’s American Christianity”

Coulter, in her rant, was terribly insulting to Africa, Liberia, and every third-world country on the planet. She was almost equally insulting to Dr. Brantly’s hometown, calling it a town of deadbeats. Finally, she was incredibly insulting to Dr. Brantly, accusing him of being a Christian narcissist. …

Ann Coulter has presumed to know Brantly’s motives for the work he did. And from that basis, she offers her stinging criticism of Brantly and not just Brantly, but now every American missionary that enters the foreign mission field. Ann is flat out wrong. In fact, she could not be more wrong. She is arrogant on a number of fronts. She is arrogant when she portends to know Dr. Brantly’s heart motives. The fact is that she hasn’t a clue as to anyone’s heart motives. …

Ann is also why so many in our culture view conservatives as cold and uncaring. Just look at her attitude toward third-world countries! She places them in an entirely different category than Americans as if God does the same thing. She refers to these human beings as a cesspool! How could any Christian ever love God and see helpless women and children as a cesspool? Add to this her description of the small struggling town in Texas as a “deadbeat” town. What? Clearly there is nothing godly about an attitude that pretends to know the motives of Christian missionaries, and that categorizes people less fortunate than them in the way Ann Coulter does in her article. Here is a man who put himself in harm’s way and he is classified as a Christian narcissist. Liberia is a third world cesspool. And the doctor’s little town in Texas is a deadbeat town.

In her attempt to preach to Dr. Brantly, Christian missionaries, and other Christians living in America about the evil that resides in our culture, Ann Coulter has demonstrated in so many ways that that very evil resides in her own heart as well. The only difference is that Ann’s evil displays itself differently from the evil she doesn’t like. And that is what we call self-righteous hypocrisy. The only evil that is really evil is the evil I don’t like.


“Coulter’s ‘Idiotic’ Response to Christian Missions”

It is ironic that someone as so publicity-obsessed as Coulter would have the gall to assert that if missionaries weren’t so “narcissistic” and had courage or weren’t burned out over all the social problems in the U.S., they’d stay in “some deadbeat town” in the U.S. and forego all the “superlatives” they get for serving as foreign missionaries.

It probably is a waste of time to ask the question: did you really mean to reveal how shallow your thinking can be? …

As a former member of the Board of Trustees for a mission organization for over a decade and marrying into a family of missionaries, I have learned a lot over the years about the sacrifices that missionaries make to answer God’s call to services overseas.  Several generations have been inspired by Jim Elliott, who responded to the challenge: “There is one Christian worker for every 50,000 people in foreign lands, while there is one to every 500 in the United States.”  In addition, reading church history reveals the enormous contributions that missionaries have made to bring education and health care to nations around the world.  The biographies of many national leaders reveal how missionaries and the education provided by mission-run schools have had profound influence in developing international leaders.


“Ann Coulter calls US Ebola doc ‘idiotic,’ Africa ‘disease-ridden cesspool’”

Lead Republican thinker Ann Coulter has declared war on American Ebola victims. …

Yes, imagine a doctor going where there is disease. What was he thinking? …

Except one problem. While Ann Coulter divides the world up into Americans and others, and Republicans and others, and good Republicans and others, actual good human beings see people as, you know, human beings. And a Liberian in need of medical care is no different from an American in need of the same. They’re both human beings, and Dr. Brantly doesn’t lower the value of the social good by helping a cesspool Liberian instead of a vainglorious American.


“Ann Coulter And The Spiritual Poverty In America”

The Gospel is poured out on our society in great quantity via some 1,000 Christian radio stations.  Despite this America is becoming more and more godless. …

I learned a valuable lesson that day:  missionary service isn’t always about doing the safe thing; it’s about being obedient to God. …

Coulter … clearly is convinced that Christians from this country go for short stints to “disease-ridden cesspools” as a form of missionary tourism.  As I learned in the harshest way from my former best friend, it is not tourism but a peek into God’s Heart.

Coulter’s jingoism is her god.  …

Coulter’s passionate deprecation of Dr. Brantly is swaddled in the American flag.  She has determined which acts of sacrifice are worthy of undertaking and which souls are worth saving.  Her tortured thinking, calling Dr. Brantly a narcissist for following the call to God, is wrong.


“An Open Letter to Ann Coulter Regarding that “Idiotic” Ebola Doc”

Reading your article in which you put so much emphasis on Dr. Brantley’s potential influence a Hollywood power broker, I wondered why you spend your time tearing down the work of Dr. Brantly rather than building up the ones doing the very thing you wish the Ebola doctor would do? …

This is the point where I think you may have skipped a regiment of medication, or had too much red bull, or spent too much time in the sun.  Let me tell you, Ann, international mission work is the last enterprise one goes into for the purposes of being perceived as heroic. …

The dirty little secret is that most missionaries go overseas knowing that they will be serving in virtual anonymity, that they will spend an inordinate amount of time struggling to understand a culture and a language that is not their own, that they are choosing to watch from afar as family members back home are born, others marry, and still others die – while they are absent.  And they do it because it is their calling. …

I know it’s not your style, but I would finally recommend that you consider writing an article where you take back most of the things you said in your August 6th article, and possibly even – shudder – apologize.


“Don’t Wanna Be an Evangelical Idiot”

… right wing warrior princess Ann Coulter managed to pen what is perhaps the most virulent anti-Christian column ever seen by this author. …

This is not a man on the public dole, he is a Christian using his gifts to carry out, not some merely humanitarian mission, but the Great Commission of Christ. Who is Ann Coulter to object to the volunteer work of a Christian missionary? …

But Coulter doesn’t stop there. She also manages to betray her inner Pharisee when she has the gall to recommend to Dr. Brantly and presumably other Christians the proper object of their evangelistic efforts. No surprise, it’s not the poor. …

In her mind, the Pharisees were right to criticize Jesus for spending so much time with the poor, diseased and downtrodden of Judea. If only he had focused his energies on opening the eyes of a single Sadducee, Pharisee or other member of the ruling elite, he would have done infinitely more good than he did by wasting so much of his time with the sinners, tax gatherers, harlots, crippled, diseased, dying and poor people that he seemed to have so much misplaced compassion for, none of whom had the status or ability to change the corrupt culture of Second Temple Judaism or the larger pagan Greco-Roman world. What a fool Jesus was. If only he had been more like Ann Coulter. …

When it comes to hatred, Coulter needs to get the log out of her own eye. For by her comments she shows herself to be one of those who hate the servants of Christ. And if she hates the servants of Christ, she hates him as well. The words of the Apostle Paul are applicable to Coulter, “Who are you to judge another’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand” (Rom.14:4).

As for Coulter, in the view of this writer her condition has been downgraded to clueless.


“How Should We Respond to Ann Coulter’s Article on the Ebola Doctor?”

I think the answer is: grace. God is a God of grace, and since grace is unmerited favor, it by definition cannot be clearly seen if the primary focus is on helping those who seem most influential. For then it looks like there are conditions – namely, how influential you are. To show manifestly and decisively that grace is grace – that is, without conditions of merit or influence or ability – God serves (and commands us to serve) those who seemingly have nothing to offer, even at great risk.

This, in turn, allows us to see those with seeming influence (in Coulter’s example, Hollywood power-brokers) in the right light as well – namely, as those who in fact do not have anything to offer of their own either, but rather who are just as dependent on God as those visibly in great need and without influence.

So God isn’t creating an us vs. them scenario where people of influence don’t matter but those of no influence do, or where people next door don’t matter but those 8,000 miles away do. Rather, he is doing exactly what it takes to make it clear that we are all equally and fully dependent on grace. 

That’s why we read “God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, so that no human being might boast in the presence of God” (1 Corinthians 1:28-29). …

In sum, the problem is not first of all Coulter’s pragmatic argument that helping influential people here in the U.S. is better because it will be more effective (as insensitive as that is).

The problem is that she is failing to recognize that when people like Dr. Brantly go help those who have nothing to offer in faraway lands, it helps those of us in America as well. For it helps us see that we are all equally dependent on God’s grace. That’s the message America needs. It’s the message we all need to grasp to the core of our being, and something that can’t happen if we avoid helping the sick worldwide.

In this sense, then, Dr. Brantly’s going to Liberia is indeed far more influential for God’s kingdom than had he focused on helping turn Hollywood power-brokers to God. For it shows that God is not dependent on such power-brokers, and that those with influence in the world are not in any special category before him.

That’s the message of grace, it’s the message we all need to hear, and it’s exactly what Dr. Brantly has demonstrated in his life.


“Are Missionaries Idiots and Narcissists?: a Response to Ann Coulter”

Her most scathing comments are aimed at motive.  Why would anyone do such an idiotically wasteful thing as try to help Liberians? …

To me, the most shocking aspect of Ann Coulter’s article is the allegation of cowardice and narcissism. …

Church history is filled with inspiring stories of missionary exploits.  From William Carey to Hudson Taylor, from the Moravians to the “Auca Five”, the Spirit of Jesus shines brightly in these tales of courage and commitment.

I believe we must re-commit ourselves to standing strong in America, loving our land, and caring for our own nation.  We must win back the heart of our country.  But in doing so, we cannot back away from our world mandate.  Jesus said, “Go into all the world…”  It will be costly.  It will be dangerous.  But, please let’s not crucify and criticize our own.

God bless Dr. Kent Brantly and Mrs. Nancy Whitebol.


Why Ann Coulter Has It All Wrong About Missions

I have spoken to literally hundreds of missionaries and have yet to meet one who was timid to speak the truth, in their own country or otherwise. The missionaries I have met are bold and ready to share the gospel with anyone who will listen – whether in America, Europe or Asia, it really doesn’t matter. They just want to spread the gospel. …

Every missionary I have met has had a call. A deep, undeniable call to take the gospel to the world – anywhere: at home, at work, and on a foreign field.  Most would be embarrassed to receive accolades and honor for what they do.  They don’t serve for that reason – they serve to please an audience of One – Jesus Christ. …

Whether you are called to take the gospel to Hollywood or the Bronx, to Africa or Europe, to your neighbor or your co-worker, you have to answer the call. Staying at home to “care for your fellow countryman” would be disobedient if God called you to medical missions in Liberia; just as it would be disobedient to travel to China if God called you to be a missionary in your hometown. …

And I have news for Ann – the angels rejoice in heaven just as much when a leprosy-ridden body in a jungle someplace receives Christ as when a multi-million dollar executive in a corner office prays the sinner’s prayer.


“Coulter owes Ebola doc an apology: priest”

Presented with Ms. Coulter’s absurd dichotomy – as if the Church must choose between serving at home or abroad – we have an opportunity to remember how the Church is poorly served by those who reduce her or her teaching to merely ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ labels. Ms. Coulter has no idea what motivated Dr. Brantly, and mocking a father who faces death for his service is simply reprehensible. At the very least, she owes him and his family an apology.


The Gospel According to Ann Coulter at www.coulterwatch.com/gospel.pdf.

Ann Coulter’s Xenophobic Anti-Gospel of Hate

Ann Coulter is on a roll. Her commentary is becoming more deplorable by the week. Yesterday’s column hit an all-time low.[1]

Ebola Ann

Ann Coulter, meet Dr. Livingstone.

Dr. Livingstone was not a fake Christian. He lived out his Christianity, taking to heart the apostle Peter’s admonition, “you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ (1 Pet. 2:5).” As a renown explorer and missionary in Africa, Dr. Livingstone’s motto was “Christianity, Commerce, and Civilization.”

I suppose that Ebola Ann Coulter would also have chastised medical missionary Albert Schweitzer and the selfless humanitarian, Mother Teresa, who lovingly devoted herself to the “least of the least.”

None of these people were deterred by, as Ann so delicately put it, “medieval diseases of the Third World.” Nor would they have shirked their divine calling based on risk factors “listed by the Mayo Clinic.”

Highlighting the absurdity of Coulter’s theology, Erick Erickson remarked, “St. Thomas should have never gone to India and Jim Elliott should have never gone into the jungle. Sigh.”

Regarding Dr. Kent Brantly’s trip to Liberia, Coulter asked, “What was the point?” Her having to ask the question suggests she would not understand the answer.

Coulter’s essay title, “Ebola Doc’s Condition Downgraded to ‘Idiotic,’” tells us exactly where she stands! Anything she doesn’t understand or agree with is automatically “idiotic.”

Christian Narcissism

From the onset of her discourse, Coulter impugned the motives of Dr. Brantly – and other Christian missionaries – suggesting pride and self-interest in enduring the hardships of overseas missionary work. Ann, this is just plain silly. But then, Coulter does not mind defaming innocent people.

Coulter began her column asking, “I wonder how the Ebola doctor feels now that his humanitarian trip has cost a Christian charity much more than any services he rendered.”

She then detailed some of the costs to his charities and alluded to, of all things, Obamacare. (I don’t recall Coulter complaining about the extensive cost – to the American people – of search and rescue operations to find her boss and one-time mentor, John F. Kennedy, Jr., in 1998.)

Coulter asks, “Why did Dr. Brantly have to go to Africa?” Following up with, “Can’t anyone serve Christ in America anymore?”

According to Coulter, overseas missionaries 1) seek the rewards of feeling and being perceived as “heroic” and 2) are really cowards, fearful of combating political correctness and engaging in the culture wars at home.

Coulter’s conclusion: all of these overseas missionaries are guilty of “Christian narcissism.”

(I would submit that the narcissist is Coulter herself.)

The whole matter of self-sacrifice seems, too, to be foreign to Coulter. But aren’t Christians supposed to live a sacrificial life, to die daily to oneself as Jesus put it? Yet, when Christians sacrifice for what they believe God has called them to do, Coulter goes on the offensive. Why? Because they are what she is not.

False Gospel

For well over a decade, Coulter has preached a false gospel, calling herself “a mean Christian” and declaring “being nice is an incidental tenet of Christianity.” Never one to promote the compassionate course of action, Coulter also eschews the principled course of action.

Coulter is at war with Christians and conservatives! (Yet, she claims to be a Christian conservative.)

Coulter condemns the principled, excoriates the compassionate.

In yesterday’s assault on principled, compassionate Christians zealous to do God’s work, Coulter distorts the gospel to achieve her ends. Coulter claimed that countries are “like your family” and, of course, charity begins at home. But then her thesis seems to be that it should also end at home.

Coulter wrote, “The same Bible that commands us to ‘go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel’ also says: ‘For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, “You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.”’”

Naturally, Coulter conflates Old and New Testament theology. In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus made it pretty clear that everyone is our “neighbor.” Moreover, the Samaritan reached out to help what many would consider a helpless “foreigner.” Also, in the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats (Matthew 25), Jesus commends those who have helped what Mother Teresa called “the least of the least” as if they had helped Jesus Himself.

But for Coulter, none of that matters.

Only America Counts

Typical Coulter, xenophobia fills her Ebola column. Nativism at its worst. Coulter, however accurately, observed, “America, the most powerful, influential nation on Earth, is merely in a pitched battle for its soul.” Coulter accurately detailed aspects of that “pitched battle.”

Coulter boasted, “America is the most consequential nation on Earth … If America falls, it will be a thousand years of darkness for the entire planet.”

A millennium of darkness will engulf the Earth if America falls? A bit hyperbolic, what? Yet, I suspect Coulter doesn’t think she is exaggerating.

In order to save America – and thus the planet, too – Christians “need to buck up, serve their own country.” (Actually, Christians need to serve their Lord and Savior – wherever He leads them. Moreover, Coulter appears to see America as the Savior of the world, instead of Jesus, whose very title is “Savior of the world.”)

The worst epithet Coulter could say about soccer was “It’s foreign.” Her hatred of immigrants (legal and illegal) stems from their foreignness. Now the future of mankind is at stake – get rid of all the foreigners!

Let Them Hate Us

Coulter’s metric for one’s spiritual state of being has been – for over a decade – whether one is hated and the depth of that hatred. Consider Coulter’s words:

“[Christians need to] remind themselves every day of Christ’s words: ‘If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.’”

Well, yes, Christians are often hated because they are Christians. But some Christians (or fake Christians) are hated because they do not behave as Christians should behave. Sin and hypocrisy breed hatred and contempt.

Coulter has for so long worn the hatred of others as a badge of honor that she now sees herself as righteous because others criticize or hate her. Could the criticisms be called for? The hatred be earned? Wherein does Ann’s righteousness really lie? If she in in Christ, then it is in Christ alone.

Is Ann Coulter displaying the righteousness of Jesus or the self-righteousness of Ann Coulter?

The really sad thing is that Coulter thinks she is taking the high road!


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