Trump, Coulter, and the KKK

Ann Coulter defended “conservative” racism in her column yesterday. Her main argument seems to be that the Left does it too, and, besides, theirs is worse!

Trump Coulter KKK

Should Donald Trump denounce David Duke, the KKK, and white supremacists? Of course! But not in Ann’s world. Coulter just dismisses them as irrelevant in the 21st century.

Since Trump entered this presidential race, white supremacists have come out of the woodwork to support him and praise his message. They agree with the racial aspects of his platform. And this isn’t news? (Even Louis Farrakhan praises Trump!)

The very same thing happened when Coulter published her latest book, Adios, America! During her book tour, Coulter championed an identity politics given the David Duke seal of approval.[1]

Why do white supremacists praise both Trump and Coulter? Because these white supremacists agree with their racial politics and agenda!

Why do white supremacists agree with Ann Coulter’s book? Because a white supremacist wrote it!

Coulter wants protection against charges of racism by decrying those charges[2] even as she pursues a racist agenda[3] built on a racist paradigm.[4] Let’s not forget about the anti-Semitic component[5] of Coulter’s WASP worldview.

Yes! Every conservative and every Christian should denounce David Duke, the KKK, and white supremacists!

Why won’t Coulter?


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6 thoughts on “Trump, Coulter, and the KKK

  1. Well at least there are some Conservatives that are sick and tired of Progressive NeoConservatism……..THAT is what the Republican Party has turned into and THAT is what we need to depart from. Big government socialists with a Conservative flavor. That is what they are, warmongering Globalists. Who pander to a foreign nation created by Lord Rothschild. Over their own country’s best interest. With the evidence we have on 9/11 with the Israeli company Urban Moving Systems, and the two teams of Israelis dressed as Arabs who were caught in those trucks, with the rest of the entire fleet GONE on 9/12/2001 and the Israeli owner GONE to Israel leaving his company, closing the door, and not looking back. Then 150 Israeli spies were arrested and deported by Deputy Director Micheal Chertoff dual Israeli American Citizen (UNCONSTITUTIONAL for anyone to hold dual citizenship and public office and that has been ignored. No titles of nobility gift gratuities or foreign corporate interest. Or American Citizenship is to be revoked). People need to pull their heads out of their arses.

    1. I’m perplexed. Are you suggesting that Israelis were behind 9/11 as part of a secret Zionist conspiracy? If so, you won’t find support for those views on this blog. You might, however, kind yourself more in line with Ann Coulter’s thinking on Jews and Catholics.

      See “Jews: Quality, not Quantity” at

      See “First, Jews; Now, Catholics?” at

      1. You absolutely astound me as to your ignorance of her critique. As a former Roman Catholic, and son to a Knight of Columbus retiree of the bench, I find your attack of Coulter painfully ignorant while your touting a Founding Jesuit ironic and laughable considering their mission is to destroy what you referred to WASPS as White Protestants when the term actually means White Anglo Saxon Protestant. And White being a loaded term played out by Marxists, and what an interesting fact that we now have a Jesuit, Marxist style Pope. Try your subversion elsewhere. Ann may not be perfect, but she is correct far more than your disinformation lets on. Your article VOID of the purpose of Jesuitism —- to STAMP OUT PROTESTANTISM and opposition to the Vatican and the Papacy.

      2. I find your attacks of Ms. coulter to be somewhat beyond fixation. I have gone to several of the links you have shared. I have also taken the time to listen to her speak on a variety of topics of which you have mentioned. I have also found your attacks against her loaded with Marxist terminology and overt liberal bias which explains much to me regarding your fixation on her. You also apparently can not comprehend sarcasm, …… you take sarcasm and equate it to seriousness. She is absolutely not anti Catholic, and not anti Protestant…….and anti Semitic is a joke. She stands against those whom stand against Christ or anti-Christian theology and supremacism, which is prevalent among both Talmudic as well as Islamic cults ……now, kindly take your absolute hatred for her somewhere else as it is not remotely intellectually honest.

      3. Wow! Hatred? Marxist terminology? Sarcasm?

        Let’s look at Ann and the pro-life movement. Ann claims to be the most pro-life person in the world, yet she continually attacks pro-lifers for behaving like, well, pro-lifers.

        See “Coulter Disses Pro-Lifers – Again!” at

        See “Coulter’s Assault on Pro-Life Movement Continues” at

        See “Ann Coulter Still Blind to Abortion” at

        There is a VAST difference between who and what Coulter claims to be and who and what Coulter REALLY is.

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